ready mix concrete pump

Ready Mix Concrete Pump

Ready mix concrete pump refers to the pump whose raw material is ready mix concrete. By using it, ready mix concrete can be pumped to specific construction spots through pipelines.

ready mix concrete pump
ready mix concrete pump

Ready mix concrete pumping machine is also very popular in the market. One of the reasons is that it adopts ready mix concrete. Compared with in-site concrete, it usually has a very stable quality, including better workability, intensity and durability. Thus it can meet the demands of various construction projects. Besides, it can reduce urban noise and environmental pollution. No doubt, a lot of people choose to buy ready-mixed concrete pump. We can provide you with two types of pumps: diesel ready-mixed concrete pump and electric ready-mixed concrete pump.

Models of Beston ready mix concrete pump

1. Diesel ready-mixed concrete concrete pump

diesel ready mix pump
diesel ready mix pump

For diesel concrete pump for sale, you have such choices: BS30-10-56R, HBTS40-10-82R, HBTS50-12-62R, HBTS60-13-129R, HBTS80-16-129R, HBTS90-18-176R. They are  diesel engine trailer concrete pumps and driven by diesel engine. Here are some parameters of those models.

Max. theo. concrete output(L/H)m3/h3040/2660/3680/4085/50100/64
Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa1010/5.311.7/713/7.616/8.618/11.5
Concrete cylinder

diameter* stroke

Hopper capacity*feeding heightL×mm400×1200400×1100500×1300680×1400680×1400380×1400
Outlet diametermmФ100Ф150Ф150Ф180Ф180Ф180
Rotate speedRMN180021002100220022002300
Pumping system pressureMPa2631.531.5323232
Mixing system pressureMPa6-86-86-8888
Capacity of oil tankL260370370580580580
Max. concrete pumping distance(vertical)M120120160200210360
Max. concrete pumping distance(horizontal )M50050060080010001600
Max. aggregate diameter



10 20


40 50

Slick scree:50


Slick scree:50


Slick scree:50


Slick scree:50


Inside diameter

of delivering pipe



Total weightKg350045004000648065007300

2. Electric ready-mixed concrete pump

electric ready mix pump
electric ready mix pump

For electric concrete pump, there are more models, including BS30-10-37, HBTS40-13-45, HBTS50-12-75, HBTS60-13-90, HBTS80-16-110. They can be used in anywhere with electricity. You may as well have a look at their detail information as follows. In addition, we also have electric concrete mixer pump.











Max. theo. concrete output(L/H)m3/h3040/2356/3382/4884/50
Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa1013/612/713/716/8.5
Concrete cylinder

diameter* stroke

Hopper capacity*feeding heightL×mm400×1100400×1100400×1240800×1400800×1400
Outlet diametermmФ100Ф125Ф125Ф180Ф180
Rotate speedRMN14801480148014801480
Pumping system pressureMPa1828303232
Mixing system pressureMPa6-88866-8
Capacity of oil tankL260370370560560
Max. concrete pumping distance(vertical )M100180150200220
Max. concrete pumping distance(horizontal )M3006007008001000
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick scree 20Slick scree 30

Scree 20

Slick scree 30/40

Scree 20

Slick scree 50

Scree 40

Slick scree 50

Scree 40

Inside diameter of delivering pipemmФ80Ф80Ф125Ф125Ф125
Total weightKg23003200300063006300

If you are looking for ready-mixed concrete pump with small output, we can also recommend concrete mortar pump and fine aggravate pump to you.

Strong points of Beston ready mix concrete pumps

There are many ready mix concrete pumps suppliers in the market. Among them, Beston gets a high reputation because of its advanced system and well services.

1. Advanced system

Generally speaking, ready mix pump consists of hydraulic system, electric control system, mechanical system, lubrication system and cooling system.

For hydraulic system, it is equipped with single open hydraulic loop. Thus it is convenient to judge and remove trouble. And then, cone sealing of all pipes make the pipe joints seal reliably. Thanks to the adoption of emulsification technology of initiative and passivity recovery integration, the function of hydraulic system is more advanced.

advanced systems of ready-mixed concrete pump
advanced systems of ready-mixed concrete pump

Speak of electric control system, it is time to mention our wire remote, which is easy to operate the pump far away. Of course, the element’s reliability is highest.

As for its mechanical system, our spectacles wear plate and cutting ring use high wear materials, this makes the components’ life prolonged greatly.

What’s more, it has a great lubrication system. The hydraulic circuit will take high oil into double distributor and prolong the life of piston and other sealings.

For cooling system, because of the radiator equipment, the working oil temperature of hydraulic system is below seventy centigrade, which makes the machine in normal status.

2. Well services

Choosing Beston not only makes you get enough concrete pump capacity, but also let you enjoy nice services from the beginning of our cooperation. We have a complete services system.

In before-selling stage, we provide you with different models and ready mix concrete pump price. if you are willing to visit our factories, we have professional salesmen to arrange your visit.

While the process of production, we will tell you the production status regularly. With Strict quality control and standard management , we can totally ensure the quality and delivery date of concrete pumps. What’s more, we also deliver free pipes to you, which match the machine perfectly.

delivery of ready mix pump
delivery of ready mix pump

After selling, we would like to offer you free training. For one hand, you can learn some basic knowledge from our official website. For the other hand, our after-sales service department will provide extra training on how to judge and fix the working failures. It is our pleasure to help you prolong the life of concrete pump.

Last but not least, we have cement mixer with pump for your reference. Welcome to contact us for more information. We are always looking forward to your inquiry.

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