trailer concrete pump

Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer concrete pump is a kind of high-quality concrete pump, which can be towed continuously and transported concrete to the pouring construction site continuously through the horizontal or vertical laying pipelines. It is one of the important equipment which is indispensable for the construction of concrete mechanization. Among so many kinds of concrete pumps, what are advantages of concrete trailer pump?

trailer concrete pump
trailer concrete pump

Advantages of trailer concrete pump

According to movement, concrete pumps can be classified into three types: trailer mounted pump, truck-mounted concrete pump, concrete boom pump.

Although both truck-mounted pump and concrete trailer pump can be moved very easily, the cost of trailer pump is lower than truck-mounted pump and become a much economical choice.

Compared with concrete boom pump, trailer pump has more broadly applications. Boom pump is usually be applied in large-scale construction sites, such as building skyscrapers or cross-sea bridges. However, trailer pump not only is suitable for in construction sites of high buildings and bridges, but also offers a ideal solution for placing concrete in hard-to-access areas, including projects about tunnels and water conservancy.

concrete trailer pump
concrete trailer pump

In order to help you know more bout this kind of pump, I’d like to briefly explain how it pumps the concrete.

Working principle of pumping

Pumping system is an integral system for the whole ready concrete pump. This system consists of five key parts: the hopper, the S valve, two concrete conveying cylinders, the water tank and main oil cylinder.

structure of pumping system
structure of pumping system

When the pumping system starts working, with the influence of main oil cylinder, concrete pistons begin to move. Meanwhile, the S valve starts to swing in accord with the movement of concrete pistons. By connecting conveying pipe with conveying cylinder in turn, the process of pumping is completed. And then it starts next circulation.

Considering its complex construction and working principle, producing excellent pumps is not an easy thing. But we make it. Here are some features of our pumps.

Features of Beston concrete trailer pumps for sale

As one of professional trailer concrete pump manufacturers, Beston is proud of our pumps.

The quality of each components is quite excellent. Our target is to produce more durable wearing parts with longer life. By adopting new materials and holding continuous exploration and tracking experiments, the life of the transmission piston has greatly improved. And the service life of wear plate and cutting ring has increased by 30% or more, which belongs to the advanced level among peers.

Except from that, other components usually adopt well-known brand products. The main pump adopts well-known brand Kawasaki, which is famous for its stable function. The electronic control system is equipped with programme controller, whose brand is OMRON. In addition, there is a wire remote control for each machine.

The quality of each components is quite excellent
The quality of each components is quite excellent

What’s more important, advanced technology can be seen everywhere. Take unique buffer design for reversing as an example. In the moment of commutation, the direction of pressure oil flow suddenly changes in the hydraulic circuit, which leads to a very high peak pressure. This peak pressure not only impacts the hydraulic system and shorten the life of hydraulic components, but also damages the mechanical components of the machine. In order to solve this problem, Beston adopts unique buffer design for reversing. This design eliminates the instantaneous peak pressure to the maximum extent and ensures the smooth running of pump machine.

Different customers have different demands, we have various models for your reference

Different models of trailer mounted concrete pumps

There are a lot of trailer pumps, such as concrete stationary pump, manual concrete pump and so on. Most of us pay more attention to output or power system.

If your most important consideration is output, there is need to worry. Because the output of our pump ranges from 30 cubic meters per hour to 90 cubic meters per hour. It can totally meet the demand of different projects.

If you pay more attention to power system, we have diesel concrete pump and electric concrete pump for your reference.

For diesel concrete pump, there are such models: BS30-10-56R, HBTS40-10-82R, HBTS50-12-62R, HBTS60-13-129R, HBTS80-16-129R, HBTS90-18-176R. This is more suitable type for remote areas where it’s hard to get electricity in a short time.

diesel trailer pump
diesel trailer pump

The next table is some parameters of trailer diesel concrete pump.

Max. theo. concrete output(L/H)m3/h3040/2660/3680/4085/50100/64
Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa1010/5.311.7/713/7.616/8.618/11.5
Concrete cylinder

diameter* stroke

Hopper capacity*feeding heightL×mm400×1200400×1100500×1300680×1400680×1400380×1400
Outlet diametermmФ100Ф150Ф150Ф180Ф180Ф180
Rotate speedRMN180021002100220022002300
Pumping system pressureMPa2631.531.5323232
Mixing system pressureMPa6-86-86-8888
Capacity of oil tankL260370370580580580
Max. concrete pumping distance(vertical)M120120160200210360
Max. concrete pumping distance(horizontal )M50050060080010001600
Max. aggregate diameter



10 20


40 50

Slick scree:50


Slick scree:50


Slick scree:50


Slick scree:50


Inside diameter

of delivering pipe



Total weightKg350045004000648065007300

For electric concrete pump, we have BS30-10-3, HBTS40-13-45, HBTS50-12-75, HBTS60-13-90, HBTS80-16-110 for you to choose. It can be applied in anywhere there is electricity.

electric trailer pump
electric trailer pump

If you want to know more information, please scan the following parameter list.











Max. theo. concrete output(L/H)m3/h3040/2356/3382/4884/50
Max.concrete pumping pressureMPa1013/612/713/716/8.5
Concrete cylinder

diameter* stroke

Hopper capacity*feeding heightL×mm400×1100400×1100400×1240800×1400800×1400
Outlet diametermmФ100Ф125Ф125Ф180Ф180
Rotate speedRMN14801480148014801480
Pumping system pressureMPa1828303232
Mixing system pressureMPa6-88866-8
Capacity of oil tankL260370370560560
Max. concrete pumping distance(vertical )M100180150200220
Max. concrete pumping distance(horizontal )M3006007008001000
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick scree 20Slick scree 30

Scree 20

Slick scree 30/40

Scree 20

Slick scree 50

Scree 40

Slick scree 50

Scree 40

Inside diameter of delivering pipemmФ80Ф80Ф125Ф125Ф125
Total weightKg23003200300063006300

All in all, with excellent parts quality, diverse machine models, and economical price, Beston is a considerable choice for any people who are planning to purchasing concrete trailer pumps and mobile concrete mixer with pump. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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