AIMIX Concrete Mixer With Pump And Self Loading Concrete Mixer

As one of the most professional pump mixer manufacturers, Aimix Group produces different kinds of mixer pumps. According to the difference in power system, concrete mixer pump includes electric concrete mixing pump and diesel concrete mix pump.

Diesel Concrete Mixer and Pump

  • Diesel Engine:Weichai/Cummins
  • Capacity:30m3/h and 40 m3/h
  • Models:ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C
  • Mixer type:JZC450
Diesel Engine model Weichai

It is driven by diesel engine. We adopt Weichai/Cummins brand(can be customized) to ensure its service life to the utmost extent. In some remote areas where electric power is not widely used, diesel type is a better choice. In addition, it can adapt to various working environment.

ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer With Pump

Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

  • Power:electric motor
  • Capacity:30 and 40 m3/h
  • Models:ABJZ30D, ABJZ40D, ABJS40D-JS500, ABJS40D-JS750
  • Mixer types:JZC450, JS500, JS750
Electric power system of electric mixer pump

The power system of electric concrete mixer pump machine is motor. Because using electricity is environmental and convenient, it is a popular choice for many clients. Generally, it is widely applied for those areas with sufficient electricity supply.

Boom Concrete Truck Mixer Pump

Boom concrete pumps for sale can be used in hard-to-reach areas that cannot be reached by trailer pumps, such as high-rises or high-rise apartment buildings. When the boom is not in use, it will be folded into a neat part and placed on the back of the truck for transportation. A few of the many models AIMIX offers include the following: 14m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m and 57m. Customers can select a suitable one for their construction projects.

  • Models:30m,37m,44m,47m,50m,57m
  • Rated working pressure:32MPa
  • Hydraulic system type:Open Loop
  • Hopper capacity:600L
  • Max. aggregate dimension:40mm
  • Slewing angle:±270°
Boom concrete pumps for sale

Combination mixer

Combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump

Save cost

Save your labor costs, project time and expenses

Flexible movement

Flexible movement at the construction site

Various rural and urban

Suitable for various rural and urban construction projects

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self loading mixer, newly designed to meet customers’ special construction requirements, is effective concrete mixing equipment. It has integrated functions of these machines: wheel loader, concrete mixer, and concrete truck. The self loading concrete mixer for sale can reduce your time, labor and cost. Only one person is needed for operation. Therefore, it is popular among global clients.


  • AS-1.2
  • AS-1.8
  • AS-2.6
  • AS-3.5
  • AS-4.0
  • AS-5.5
  • AS-6.5

Capacity: 1.2m³, 1.8m³, 2.6m³, 3.5m³, 4m³, 5.5m³, 6.5m³

Diesel Engine: Yuchai, Weichai, Cummins

Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Self Loading Concrete Mixers
Self Loading Concrete With Mixer
Self Loading Mixer

Combination Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump

Self loading concrete mixer with pump includes two machine: self loading mixer and concrete pump;

Concrete Pump: the concrete mixture can be pumped smoothly via the concrete pump pipelines at the construction site;

Self Loader Mixer: self loading, batching, weighing, mixing and discharging concrete materials at the construction site, used as small concrete batching plant;

Self loading mixer + concrete pump: They can be applied for a whole construction project, such as buildings, harbors, tunnels, highways, bridges;

Self-loading concrete mixer and concrete pump
Self-loading concrete mixer combination of the pump

Aimix Machine Application in Globe

AIMIX Group has exported countless sets of construction machines all over the world, including concrete mixer machine with pump and self loading mixers. Our products has been applied in over 100 countries, including Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Russia, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Dominica, Canada, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Bahamas, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania, Seychelles, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Botswana, Mozambique, Australia…….

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Working Sites of AIMIX Concrete Mixer Pump and Self Loading Mixer

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix and Pump Machine Working in the Philippines

AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer and ABT40C Pump Working in Manado, Indonesia

AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer and ABT60C Diesel Pump Working in Uzbekistan

Customer Reviews

Guanwan Suadisurya
Customer of Concrete Pump from Indonesia

The concrete pump machine was great. I like it very much. Pumping smooth without blockage; With your concrete pump, our construction schedule has been greatly improved. I would recommend your machine to my brothers, really good!

Customers of Self Loading mixer from the Philippines

Purchasing six sets of self loading mixers is more cost-effective. Thanks for your big discounts! Thus, I could get such fantastic machines! Whether for using or renting, I thought I would get returns quickly!

Customer of self loading concrete mixer with pump from Uzbekistan

Perfect combination of self loading mixer and concrete pump! I have applied it for my urban foundation construction project. Save a lot of labor, especially the self loading mixer, just need one person to operate it. Amazing!