3 Sets of Aimix AS-4.0 Self Loader Mixers In Papua, Indonesia

Good news! Aimix three sets of AS-4.0 self loading concrete mixer trucks arrived in Papua, Indonesia in July 2022. The Indonesian customer is a contractor. He bought 3 sets of self-loading mixers once for the urban road construction project in Papua.

3 Sets of Aimix AS-4.0 Self Loader Mixer In Papua, Indonesia

Purchasing Details

1. The customer needs the equipment to produce concrete mixture for road construction. He has searched some machines, like the concrete plant, concrete truck, and self loading concrete mixer. He found the self loading mixer is new equipment for road construction in Indonesia. Therefore, connect with our online service staff immediately!

2. After communicating with him, our sale recommended the AS-4.0 self-loading mixer. According to the size of road construction, 3 sets of self loading mixers can satisfy his road construction requirements. Finally, he has taken our advice and made orders.

AS-4.0 self loading mixers arrived in Papua, Indonesia
Customer testing the self loading mixer in Papua, Indonesia

3. Because he doesn’t have import experience. He requested to provide turnkey service on the machines. Thus, after the large concrete mixers arrived at Surabaya port. In Indonesia. we have a local customs clearance agent to help solve the problems. Then the agent would inform the customer to take the machines to Papua.

4. Apart from developing a local customs clearance agent, Aimix also has a local professional after-sales service team. The service staff would come on-site for installing, testing, debugging, checking, and training service. We would guarantee that the self loading mixer can work normally at the construction sites. Under 5 days of assembly and commissioning, these self loading mixers have been put into use for road construction.

All in all, although don’t have experience in importing equipment from China, he has got them and used them smoothly. More importantly, he has enjoyed the considerate after-sales service for the self-loading mixers in Indonesia. The customer thumped up our professionalism on the machine and patience in service. Thus, if you also intend to buy a self loading mixer, please never hesitate to choose Aimix. Contact us now and get quotations!

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