ABJZ40C Concrete Mix and Pump Machine Arrived in Bali, Indonesia

Another unit of the ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixing and pumping machine has arrived in Bali, Indonesia. The customer had come to the port and picked it up. Then the concrete mixing pump was transported to the construction sites directly. Check some unloading pictures and videos at the construction site below.

ABJZ40C Diesel Mix Pump Arrived in Indonesia
Loading The ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump in Indonesia

Client Choosing The Mixing Pump Again

  • The Indonesia client purchased an AIMIX concrete mixing pump last time. At first, he chose a smaller capacity of about 30 cubic meters per hour.
  • After using the mixing pump machine, the client saved a lot of time, labor, and costs. He thought it deserved to be invested in construction projects, especially for small-sized rural and urban construction projects, like houses and buildings.
  • This time, he wanted to purchase a larger capacity mixing pump. Therefore, he decided to buy the ABJZ40C model that can pump concrete mixture with further and longer distances.

Why Client Cooperate with AIMIX Again?

The client trusted us a lot and he made a purchase without hesitation. He told us the main reasons why to choose us.

1. One reason is that the concrete mix pump has longer service life compared with that of concrete pump manufacturers. In addition, the performance is also stable. During the whole working process, it only had several tiny problems that couldn’t affect the operation process.

2. The other reason is that AIMIX has provided considerate service for him. During the whole deal process, we keep updating the process of manufacturing, testing, loading, and transporting in the AIMIX factory. Then we would offer the best after-sales service for the machine, including testing, debugging, checking, and maintaining.

If you also want to invest in a concrete pump in Indonesia, please never miss AIMIX Group. Contact us right now and get the latest price!

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