ABT30C Diesel Concrete Pump Was Exported to The Dominican Republic

Good news! One unit of Aimix diesel engine concrete pump was exported to the Dominican Republic in August 2022. The new customer chose to buy a small-capacity concrete pump for his rural low-rise building construction project. After manufacturing it in the Aimix factory, we tested and checked it seriously. You can check some pictures below.

ABT30C Diesel Concrete Pump to the Dominican Republic

ABT30C Trailer Concrete Pump to The Dominican Republic
ABT30C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump to The Dominican Republic

Checking ABT30C before Exporting to The Dominican Republic

1. Before exporting every unit of the concrete pump to the customer, it is necessary for us to strictly test the machine in the factory after manufacturing to ensure its quality and performance.

2. In general, the engineer would check the performance of core components, especially the electric control system.

3. The engineer needs to confirm that the pumping function of the machine is excellent during the testing process.

Here is the testing video of ABT30C diesel engine concrete pump taken in the factory. You can check it below.

Using ABT30C Concrete Pump for Building Construction in The Dominican Republic

After communication, the customer chose the ABT30C model among various concrete pumps for sale in Aimix. Here are some reasons why he bought the ABT30C.

1. He used it for two-story building construction in rural places. Thus, there is no need to purchase a large capacity concrete pump with too far pumping distance. The ABT30C small one can totally satisfy his construction demands.

2. At the construction site, there is not enough electricity supply. Therefore, the concrete pump with diesel engine is the best choice for him. It can keep normal working in those areas lacking electricity.

3. Because he has rented a concrete mixer to mix the concrete mixture from a nearby company. The customer just needed to pump the concrete from the ground to higher places. The ABT30C trailer concrete pump can meet his requirements.

Pumping Hopper
Electric Control System
Remote Controlling

If you also wanna invest in a concrete pump in the Dominican Republic, choose AIMIX without hesitation! Contact us through email or WhatsApp! Later our sales will reply to you as soon as possible!

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