ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump Was Exported to Almaty, Kazakhstan

Congratulations! One unit of the electric concrete pump was ready to be exported to Almaty, Kazakhstan in August 2022. This is the first unit of the electric concrete pump that was transported to the Kazakhstan market in 2022. Because a lot of local customers have purchased the diesel ones rather than electric ones. Here are some loading and exporting pictures taken in the Aimix factory. You can check them below!

Loading ABT30D Concrete Pump in Aimix Factory

Loading and Exporting ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump to Almaty, Kazakhstan

1. After manufacturing in the Aimix factory, the engineers would test and debug the equipment seriously in order to provide high-quality machine with stable performance.

2. During the loading process, the delivery person will check all the goods and parts according to the delivery list to avoid wrong delivery and missing delivery. In addition, we would take loading pictures and send them to inform the progress rate for customers.

ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump Delivery
Transporting ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump to Almaty, Kazakhstan

Why Customer Choose ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump?

In the Kazakhstan market, many customers have purchased the diesel concrete pump from Aimix Group for their construction projects. Why did this customer choose to buy the electric concrete pump? Here are the main reasons:

1. Working conditions allow. The customer said that there was sufficient electricity supply at the construction site. Thus, using an electric concrete pump is the best choice.

2. Pumping distance meeting construction project needs. As we all know, the ABT30D model is a small concrete pump. Its max. theoretical vertical and horizontal conveying distances are 120m and 500m. The pumping distance can totally satisfy his rural two-story building construction project.

3. Price within the budget. Because the customer has a limited budget. Compared with other models, this ABT30C concrete pump price is under his budget. Besides, he can get returns as soon as possible!

electric control system of ABT30D
electric motor of electric concrete pump
exporting concrete pump with pipeline

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have a limited budget, there is always a suitable model for your projects. If you wanna get more details about the prices of Aimix concrete pump, contact us right now!

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