ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump Was Shipped to Uganda

Aimix ABT60C diesel concrete pump was shipped to Uganda in Nov. 2021. This is the first set of concrete pump exported to Uganda this year. Customer has found Aimix concrete pump manuafcturer on the platform of Alibaba. As we all know, there are so many manufacturers on the platforms. However, the customer finally chose to buy the machine from Aimix. Here are some reasons why to choose Aimix Group.

ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump Was Shipped to Uganda

Why Choose Aimix Brand Concrete Pump

1. Due to sales’ patient answering, professional advice and prompt respond, he trusted us.

2. Compared with other concrete pump manuafacturer, he find that Aimix has wide overseas market and exported many sets of concrete pumps all over the world.

3. According to a lot of customers’ reviews, it can be concluded that Aimix concrete pump for sale has great working efficiency and stable performance.

4. More importantly, Aimix manufacturer promises to provide clients with considerate after-sales service. While, others can’t.

5. The concrete pump price is competitive. After investment, it can get returns quickly, very cost-effective.

ABT60C Concrete Pump Before Shipping to Uganda
Exporting ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump to Uganda
Loading Aimix ABT60C Diesel Pump

Advantages of Using Aimix ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump in Uganda

1. With capacity of 60 m3/h, the ABT60C is suitable for small, medium rural and urban construction projects, especially for foundations, houses and buildings…..

2. It can transcrete the concrete mixture to where it is difficult to reach. In addition, it can help save a lot of labour.

3. Workers can operate it easy through the control button or remote control device benefiting from electric control components equipped.

4. Adopting advanced and wearable componets, the life span of diesel concrete pump machine has been greatly prolonged.

Overall, you can choose Aimix product without doubts. Aimix has manufacturered serveral models like: ABT30C, ABT40C, ABT60C, ABT80C and ABT90C. Electric motor concrete pumps are also available. If you wanna get details, welcome to contact us right now. Email: market11@aimixgroup.com. Then our sales will reply to you in 6 hours.

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