AIMIX ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump Working In Diego Garcia

Congratulations! Recentlty our customers in Diego Garcia has positive feedback on our concrete trailer pump. Now the pump is put into use normally in the island for construction projects. The customers were satisfied with our equipment. Here are some pictures taken on-site.

AIMIX ABT60C Concrete Pump In Diego Garcia
AIMIX ABT60C Concrete Pump In Diego Garcia

Customer Feedback

ABT60C trailer pump is with diesel engine. With 60 m3/h capacity, it can be applicable for small and medium construction projects. Here are some advantages of using trailer pump:

1.Mounted on trailer, it is convenient to move among construction sites

2. S valve can ensure no blocked pipe

3. Equipped with remote control device, the user can operate it with safety.

4. Adopting advanced electric control system, which can gurantee stable performance.

Pumping Concrete In Diego Garcia
Pumping Concrete In Diego Garcia

Apart from 60 m3/h capacity concrete pump, we also can provide customers 40, 80 and 90 m3/h. Besides, electric and diesel engine are available. If you need quotation of our concrete pump, please consult us for details. Email:

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