Aimix HPS10 Cement Mortar Pump Was Exported to El Salvador

Good news! Aimix Group exported one unit of HPS10 cement mortar pump to El Salvador in Oct. 2022. The customer planned to buy one for his slope protection project. Before delivering it to the client, the Aimix engineer tested and checked it many times in the Aimix factory. Here are some testing pictures and videos for reference.

Aimix HPS10 Cement Mortar Pump Was Exported to El Salvador

Why Choose HPS10 Mortar Pump?

In Aimix Group, many clients would like to buy the regular trailer pump machine for construction projects, including slope protection construction. Why did the client choose to buy the mortar pump? Here are the main two reasons:

1. Because the particle size of the concrete pumped by the mortar pump is smaller than the regular trailer-mounted concrete pump. The particle size of the mortar pump can better satisfy the construction requirements.

2. Due to the small size of the slope construction project, it needs a small-capacity concrete pump machine. In addition, it is economical to use the mortar pump because it has a cheaper price.

Mortar Pump to El Salvador
Exporting Mortar Pump to El Salvador

Advantages of Using The Mortar Pump for Construction

1. There is less dust during the spraying process, which is safe for the health of the operators at the construction site.

2. The amount of spring back is small, saving materials.

3. Since the concrete has been mixed before spraying, the mix ratio of the concrete is guaranteed, thereby ensuring the quality of the concrete. High shotcrete strength.

Electric Control System of Cement Mortar Pump
Electric Control Panel of Mortar Pump

4. It has high working efficiency. Because it has a high pumping ability, which can save extra time to complete more jobs.

5. Less pollution and environmental protection.

6. High returns. It costs the contractors less to invest in a sprayer mortar pump machine for construction. In general, they can get returns in 6 months.

If you are also interested in buying a mortar pump machine from Aimix, welcome to contact us for details. There are two models for selection: HPS05 and HPS10. Contact us right now! Then our sales will reply to you with machine details and quotations!

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