AIMIX JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer and Dump truck Arrived in Botswana

Congratulations! Botswana customer has successfully received AIMIX machine – JZR500 diesel concrete mixer and dump truck in June, 2021. It is the first time for this customer to buy equipment from AIMIX. After comparing equipment in other manufacturers, the customer finally chose to make orders from us. Thanks for customer’s trust! After confirmation with the requirements of concrete mixer and truck, we bagen to manufacture them as soon as possible! In the end, we have exported the machine within delivery. The customer was satisfied with our machine after checking them.
Concrete Mixer and Dump Truck

The customers bought the JZR500 diesel concrete mixer and dump truck for his small construction projects, such as houses, buildings and roads. The discharging capacity of 500L can totally satisfy his construction requiurements. Moreover, the concrete mixer with diesel engine can work efficiently under harsh environements. More importantly, this mixer still can keep working in those areas where there is no sufficient electricity. Therefore, choosing a diesel concrete mixer is wise dicision.

Unloading Concrete Mixer
Unloading JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer

In AIMIX, we have manufactured the drum diesel concrete mixer, like JZR350, JZR500 and JZR750. If you wanna get diesel self loading mixer, we also can supply with you. Contact us right now! Then our sale will recommend you the appropriate concrete mixer for construction. Email:

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