AIMIX Track Concrete Pump Was Exported to Kazakhstan

Congratulations! AIMIX Group has exported one set of Track concrete pump to Kazakhstan in June, 2021. This is the first time to export the crawler type concrete pump to Kazakhstan this year. Thanks for customers’ trusting and choosing to make an order in AIMIX Group. After communicating with our customer about the requirements, we arranged to manufacture it. After manufacturing and testing successfully, we exported it to Kazakhstan timely. Here are some pictures about the crawler concrete pump.

The customer chose to buy 80 m3/h capacity concrete pump, model – ALBTC80. It is powered by diesel engine. It has the same function as ABT80C diesel trailer concrete pump. The main difference is that trailer concrete pump can be movable via trailer or tractor dragging; while the Crawler Concrete Pump rely on its Crawler to realize movment. Crawler Concrete Pump walking control method is wireless remote control, and the crawler-type walking mechanism greatly enhances its adaptability to road conditions, especially for complex road conditions such as construction sites. The crawler can ensure good grip and ensure that you are not Stuck car. Therefore, compared with ordinary trailer pumps, it is more adaptable to the environment and can be used for multiple purposes. Moreover, in tunnels, mines, water conservancy and other complex engineering constructions, this self-driving crawler pump also has strong practical applications.

Crawler Concrete Pump
Track Concrete Pump

Choosing a crawler concrete pump is an wise decision. If you also need the crawler type concrete pump, welcome to contact us for best quotation. Email: Then our sale will reply you as soona as possible!

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