An Overview of the Mixing Capacity of Self-Loading Mixers

In AIMIX, there are different models of self loading mixers for sale, such as AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. Indeed, the model is named after the the theoretical volume of mixed concrete mixture. Here are the examples:

Self Loading Mixer Blending Capacity

  • AS-4.0: Stirring capacity 4m3
  • AS-3.5: Mixing capacity 3.5m3
  • AS-2.6: Stirring capacity 2.6m3
  • AS-1.8: Blending capacity 1.8m3

While, most customers generally reflect the large difference between the mixing volume displayed by the self-loading mixer model and the actual mixing capacity. Taking as the AS-4.0 model for examble. Its theoretical mixing volume is about 4 m3. However, it is actually only 2.8 m3 or 3 m3 during operation. You can check the main reasons below.

Reasons of Self Loading Mixer Lower Blending Capacity

1. The product model is the theoretical concrete mixing volume, and the concrete is at the horizontal position when it is fully loaded. Due to processing, assembly and other reasons, the position of the horizontal plane moves down to the production error plane, resulting in less actual output.

2. The self-loading concrete mixer truck are mobile equipment. The slope of its work site is relatively large, causing the horizontal position to move down to the production error plane, resulting in less actual output.

horizontal position

3. The mixed concrete is relatively wet (large water content), and the water in the concrete overflows or penetrates into the ground when unloading. Therefore, the actual output volume becomes smaller.

4. The choice of the product model is incorrect. For example, the customer chooses a 4m3 self-loading concrete mix truck, and it is used and measured correctly. The actual size is only 2.8 m3. This self loading mixer truck is likely to be a 3.0m3 self-loading mixer truck. In addition, the wet concrete also affect the mixing volume.

5. Concrete is less fluid when the concrete being mixed is drier (less water-containing). At this time, the concrete is accumulated inward by the spiral blade of the mixing tank, resulting in a large actual output.

Therefore, the self loading mixer blending capacity is determined by various factors. If you have questions during operation, welcome to contact our engineers for solutions! Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp right now!

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