AS-2.6 Self Loading Mixer Has Been Delivered to Australia

Good news! AIMIX AS-2.6 self loader concrete mixer was ready to transported to Australia in December, 2020. Customer would like to buy an ordinary concrete mixer in the beginning. After our sale communicated with him and recommended him our new concrete mixer for sale, he thought that maybe the new self loding concrete mixer is a better choice. According to his construction project size, we advise him to buy the AS-2.6 self loading concrete mixer which has capacity about 12 m3/h.

AIMIX AS-2.6 Ready to Australia
AIMIX AS-2.6 Ready to Australia
AS2.6 Specification
AS2.6 Specification

Self loading concrete mixer for sale is one of hot-selling concrete mixing equipment in AIMIX Group. A lot of customers prefer to purchase this one rather that ordinary concrete mixer. Compared with ordinary concrete mixers, what’s the advantages of concrete mixer? Here are some advantages of using AIMIX self loading mixer.

1. One equalling with three machine: wheel loader, concrete mixer and concrete truck
2. Automatic machine can realize self batching, mixing, transporting and discharging
3. Save labour cost. Just need one operator
4. Quick returns. In general, customers can get return in three month after investment.
5. AIMIX promises to offer considerate after-sales service about the equipment.

AS2.6 Components
Loading Self Loading Mixer
Self Loading Mixer in Factory

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