AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Was Exported to Nigeria

Congratulations! Aimix AS-3.5 self loading mixer for sale has been transported to Nigeria in Nov, 2020. As one of the main market, Nigeria has large demands of concrete mixers, especially for the self loading concrete mixer for sale in Nigeira. Before making order, the customers has compared with other concrete mixer manufacturers. Then he made an decision on purchasing from us – AIMIX Group. The main reason why choose us is that AIMIX can provide best after-sales service!

AS3.5 Delivering to Nigeria
AS3.5 Delivering to Nigeria

In general, we would begin to manufacture the equipment after the customer made an order. Besides, we would finish it in half of one month. After the customer paid the balance, we were ready to deliver machine to them. Here are some loading pictures taken for customers. Check them below.

Testing Mixer Before Exporting
Loading Mixer Drum
Self Loading Mixer in AIMIX Factory

The self loading mixer is an effcient machine which combines concrete loading, mixing, batching, transporting and discharging together. It equals with a mini mobile concrete mixing plant on construction sites. The Nigerian customer choose a AS-3.5 model which is appropriate for small and medium construction projects in urban and rural places.
AIMIX AS3.5 Self Loading Mixer to Nigeria
AIMIX AS3.5 Self Loading Mixer to Nigeria
AS3.5 Parameter
AS3.5 Parameter

Apart from AS-3.5 model self loading mixer, we can also offer AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-4.0, AS-5.5 and AS-6.5. You can select an ideal capacity according to construction requirements. If you have any other question, welcome to consult us for details. Email:

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