AS-4.0D Concrete Self Loading Mixer Was Delivered to Antigua and Barbuda

Good news! AIMIX exported one unit of AS-4.0D concrete self loading mixer truck to Antigua and Barbuda in Jan. 2023. Thanks to the client’s trust. It is the first unit of self-loading mixer truck that was delivered to Antigua and Barbuda in 2023. We arranged for delivery as soon as possible after the Chinese Spring Festival holiday. Here are some pictures and testing videos below for reference.
AS-4.0D Concrete Self Loading Mixer Truck Was Delivered to Antigua and Barbuda

Where Did The Client Find AIMIX Brand Self Loading Mixer?

  • The client intends to start construction work for his new house construction project in March 2023. Therefore, at the end of 2022, he started looking for a suitable concrete mixer online.
  • He searched for some pictures through the keywords “concrete mixer” on Google. At the first sight, he found that the AIMIX concrete mixer is different from that of other concrete mixer manufacturers.
  • Later he opened the website page where the image is located. After browsing all the concrete mixer details, he was attracted by them and sent us an inquiry. Then our sales contacted him back as soon as possible and confirmed his requirements.

AS-4.0D Self Loader Mixer for Sale in Antigua and Barbuda
Parameters of AS-4.0D Self Loader Mixer

Why Choose AS-4.0D Self Loading Mixer

  • After communication, we knew that he needed the self-loading mixers for his construction projects, mainly for mixing work at the construction site.
  • We have introduced him to the functions of self-loading mixer in detail. He was interested in it and thought the mixer is the most suitable equipment for his projects.
  • Because the clients have many construction projects in 2023, including house and building construction. Therefore, he wanted to buy a high-configured self loading mixer that can be used for various projects. D style is the most high-configured equipment among all self loading mixers for sale.
  • Besides, he needed it urgently. We only have the AS-4.0D model in stock in the AIMIX factory, which also can match his construction projects. Then he made the order directly.

If you want to get more information on AS-4.0D self loading mixer, welcome to consult us directly. Contact our sales through email, tel, and WhatsApp! Then we would reply to you as soon as possible!

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