ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump Working in Papua, Indonesia

Indonesian Customer Feedback on AIMIX ABT40C Concrete Pump

Congratulations! AIMIX ABT40C diesel concrete pump has been put into use normally in Papua, Indonesia. The customer was so stiafied with our equipment that he has taken some pictures and videos. Here are some working pictures and videos at construction sites. From the video, we can see that that ABT40C diesel engine concrete pump is … Read more

ABT30C Concrete Trailer Pump in Indonesia

AIMIX ABT30C Diesel Concrete Pump Working in Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia

Congratulations! AIMIX ABT30C diesel concrete pump was working normally in Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia. The Indonesia customers has sent us working video of our concrete pump ABT30C. From the video, we can see that the concrete pump is used for foundation construction. The customer chose the small capacity, which is suitable for his small construction projects. … Read more

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump in Pakistan

AIMIX ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Working in Pakistan

Congratulations! AIMIX ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump was working normally in Pakistan. The concrete mixer pump was working efficiently at the construction site. Customers were satisfied with our equipment and thought highly of it. At the site, there are a lot of people watching how the mixing pump work. The customer also taken the working … Read more

AIMIX AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Ready to Nigeria

AS-3.5 Self Loader Concrete Mixer Has Been Exported to Nigeria

Congratulations! AIMIX Goup has exported another set of AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer to Nigeria in June, 2021. Because we exported the self loading concrete mixer before, the customer chose to trust us and make the final order in AIMIX. Besides, we promised to offer him with best after-sales service. The customer was satisfied with … Read more

Transporting ABT80C Diesel Concrete Pump

ABT80C Diesel Concrete Pump Has Been Exported to Sri Lanka

Congratulations! AIMIX Group has successfully exported ABT80C diesel concrete pump to Sri Lanka in June, 2021. The customer would like purchase large capacity concrete pump for his large construction projects. After finishing manufacturing the concrete pump, we have debugged and tested in factory before delivery. We loaded the machine in factory and delivered it to … Read more

Self Loading Mixer to to Almaty, Kazakhstan

AIMIX AS-2.6 Self Loader Concrete Mixer Has Been Delivered to Almaty, Kazakhstan

Good News! AIMIX AS-2.6 self loading transit mixer has been exported to Almaty, Kazakhstan successfully in June, 2021. In Kazakhstan market, there is a large demands of construction machine, especially self loading concrete mixer. The customer has repurchased the self loader mixers many times. He bought the mixers for various kinds of construction projects in … Read more

Track Concrete Pump

AIMIX Track Concrete Pump Was Exported to Kazakhstan

Congratulations! AIMIX Group has exported one set of Track concrete pump to Kazakhstan in June, 2021. This is the first time to export the crawler type concrete pump to Kazakhstan this year. Thanks for customers’ trusting and choosing to make an order in AIMIX Group. After communicating with our customer about the requirements, we arranged … Read more

JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer

AIMIX JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer and Dump truck Arrived in Botswana

Congratulations! Botswana customer has successfully received AIMIX machine – JZR500 diesel concrete mixer and dump truck in June, 2021. It is the first time for this customer to buy equipment from AIMIX. After comparing equipment in other manufacturers, the customer finally chose to make orders from us. Thanks for customer’s trust! After confirmation with the … Read more

ABT90C Diesel Concrete Pump

ABT90C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump Was Delivered to Uzbekistan

Congratulations! AIMIX Group has exported another set of diesel concrete pump to Uzbekistan successfully in May, 2021. Until now, we have exported many sets of concrete pumps to Uzbekistan, including trailer concrete pump and concrete mixer pump. Customers in Uzbekistan usually chose to buy a large capacity concrete pump to apply for their construction projects. This … Read more

AIMIX ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump Was Exported to Belize

AIMIX ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump and Wheel Loader Were Exported to Belize

Congratulations! AIMIX ABJZ40C concrete mix pump and AM912 wheel loader have been exported to Belize in March, 2021. This is the first set of concrete mixer pump delivered to Belize. However, we have exported other construction equipment there before, such as concrete plant, concrete truck, concrete mixer etc. The customer in Belize was in need of concrete … Read more