Construction Machine in AIMIX
AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Working in Honduras

Self Loading Mixer Transforms House Construction in Honduras

Aimix AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer truck has begun to be used in housing construction projects in Honduras. The purchase of Aimix self loading cocnrete mixer truck by the customer in Honduras has revolutionized traditional concrete production in house construction. …

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AIMIX Concrete Mixer Pump And Wheel Loader Aiding Rural Development In Nigeria

Concrete Mixer Pump and Wheel Loader Aiding Rural Development In Nigeria

Aiming for excellence in fostering rural development in Nigeria, a client from Nigeria who is a construction contractor, found concrete mixing and pumping equipment online. Through various concrete pump manufacturers all over the world, the client chose AIMIX Group after …

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self loading mixer for road construction in morocco

Adoption of Self-loading Mixer in Morocco Injects New Vitality into Road Infrastructure

In the arid landscapes of Morocco, where road construction poses unique challenges, the adoption of AIMIX’s self-loading mixers has ushered in a new era of efficiency and progress. To improve the region’s infrastructure development, the clients in Morocco recently acquired …

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Operation Of AIMIX Batching Plant, Line Pump, And Self Loading Mixer In Kiribati

Operation of Batching Plant, Line Pump, and Self Loading Mixer in Kiribati

AIMIX equipment has been put into operation for infrastructure development in Kiribati. The customer has bought AIMIX machines in bulk one-time, including concrete plant, trailer pump, and self loading concrete mixer. Cooperation with The Customer Actually, the customer isn’t new …

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Promoting House Construction in Antigua by Self Loading Concrete Machines

Promoting House Construction in Antigua by Concrete Machines

Exciting news! AIMIX’s self-loading concrete mixer pump, featuring the AS-4.0 model, has been successfully utilized for house construction in Antigua. This innovative combination, complemented by the ABT40C diesel concrete pump, is revolutionizing project execution on the island. Contractors and builders …

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AIMIX AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Truck for Flood Protection Project in Taytay Rizal

AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Rizal, Philippines

AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Rizal, Philippines Basic Project Information Location: Philippines Product Name: Self Loading Concrete Mixer Deal Time: Jan. 2023 Delivery Time: Feb. 2023 Installation Time: Mar. 2023 Installation Method: On-site Installation Working Video Cooperation Between AIMIX …

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Aimix Self Loading Mixer Helped Malaysian Client Do Factory Construction

Fantastic news! It’s great to hear that the Aimix self loading concrete mixer played a crucial role in helping the Malaysian client with his factory construction project. The versatility and efficiency of the self loading mixer truck make it an …

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Ready Self Loader Concrete Mixer Would Be Sent to Russia

Loader Concrete Mixer Delivery to Russia in Progress

In July 2023, another unit of AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer truck has been finished manufacturing, testing and debugging in the AIMIX factory. It was ready to transport to Russia through the railway. The client couldn’t wait to have a …

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AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer And Line Pump Have Arrived In Zimbabwe

AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer and Line Pump Have Arrived in Zimbabwe

Recently AIMIX self loading concrete mixer and line concrete pump have arrived in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe client chose to buy the construction machine combination: AS-4.0 self loader concrete mixer truck and ABT40C diesel concrete line pump for his construction projects. …

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AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Normally Working in Russia

Positive Feedback on AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer from Russian Client

Until May 2023, one of the Russian client has used the AS-4.0 self loading mixer for several months. It was applied for different kinds of construction projects, especially supplying fresh concrete mixture for building and house construction. The clients have …

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