Cleaning Method of Delivery Pump of Small Concrete Pump Truck

After the small concrete pump truck finish delivering, it is necessary to carefully clean the hopper and the delivery pipeline system. If the residual concrete in the concrete cylinder is not cleaned cleanly, it will solidify on the cylinder wall. When the piston runs again, the sealing surface of the piston will directly bear the impact of the solidified concrete on the cylinder wall, causing the push piston to peel off partially. This kind of damage is different from the normal wear and tear of the piston seal. The sealing surface cannot self-compensate under the action of pressure, resulting in slurry leakage or suction, causing pumping weakness, blockage, etc.

Cleaning of Small Boom Pump

Two Types of Cleaning Methods of Small Concrete Pump Truck Delivery Pump

Based on the above analysis, it can be concluded that the pumping cleaning of the delivery pump of the mini concrete pump truck has an inseparable relationship with the performance of the concrete. There are two types of cleaning for the delivery pump of the boom pressure concrete pumps: water cleaning and anhydrous cleaning. There are three types of small concrete pump truck delivery pumps: water cleaning, outlet elbow plug ball cleaning, concrete cylinder plug ball cleaning, and free ball cleaning. Waterless cleaning includes compressed air cleaning and hose plug ball suction cleaning.

Boom Pump Working
Concrete Pumping

Washing with Water

It is required that the gap between the cutting ring and the plate should be small, a large amount of water should be provided, and it should be strictly sealed so that the water after cleaning the ball does not penetrate forward. At the end of water washing, pay attention to the water in the pipeline, so as not to flow to the pouring place of concrete, and not to affect the quality of the concrete. This method is easy to operate. Therefore, it is commonly used for clients.

small boom pump truck

Air Washing

Air washing is blowing with compressed air. It is to plug the water-soaked cleaning ball into the air washing joint first, then connect a straight pipe connected to the variable diameter, and connect a safety cover at the end of the pipe. When air-washing the concrete boom pump, the pressure of the compressed air must be controlled not to exceed 0.8MPa; In addition, the air valve should be opened slowly, and the atmospheric valve can only be opened when the concrete can flow out smoothly. In the end, after the air washing is completed, close the air valve immediately.

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