Client Feedback On Self Loading Mixer and Concrete Pump Working in The Dominican Republic

In Dec 2022, one of the Dominican Republic clients received our products: one unit of AS-4.0 self loading concrete mixer truck and one unit of ABT40C diesel trailer concrete pump. He tested and debugged it as soon as possible after receiving it. After testing, it was put into use for building construction at the construction site. The client has taken a working video of them. Check it out below.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump for Building Construction

As the video showed, Aimix self loading concrete mixer with pump was working efficiently for building construction on-site. The division of labor of the machines is as follows:

  • Self loading mixer: the self loading mixer can realize self loading, weighing, batching, mixing, and discharging itself. It equals a mini mobile batching plant. Thus, it can produce fresh concrete mixture quickly.
  • Concrete pump: After the mixer produces the concrete mixture. It needs the help of tools to deliver the concrete to the designated location. Then, the concrete pump machine do it. It can transport the concrete mixture through the pipelines through high pressure.

Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump

Why Choose This Collaboration?

In the beginning, the client sent us an inquiry about the mini mobile concrete batching plant. After communication, we recommended him the collaboration of self loading mixer and concrete pumping machine. Then he took our advice and made an order. The main reasons for choosing the combination are as follows:

1. After we send him the quotation, he thought the price of the concrete plant is a little high that is not under his budget. While the cost of the collaboration is acceptable. Besides, the self-loading mixer can be used as a mini mobile concrete plant. More importantly, he also can get a concrete pump machine.

2. The operation of the collaboration just needs several laborers. Compared with using the small batch plant, it can help save a lot of labor and labor costs.

Thus, if you also think that it is worthy to invest in the collaboration, welcome to contact us right now! Then our sales would reply to you as soon as possible!

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