Concrete Mixer for Sale in Botswana

Concrete mixer for sale in Botswana is a machine that combines cement evenly to form aggregates such as sand or gravel and water to concrete materials. The concrete materials can be applicable for various kinds of construction projects, such as houses, building, bridges, foundations, harbors, tunnels, parking lots….. It is hot-selling construction machine in Botswana market. A lot of customers seek for concrete mixers from abroad. AIMIX, as one of concrete mixer manufacturers in China, also has exported concrete mixers to Botswana to meet customers’ construction demands.

Aimix Concrete Mixer for Sale in Botswana

In terms of capacity, Aimix concrete mixer has manufactured small, medium and large capacity concrete mixers for sale. Here are simple introduction of them.

Small Capacity Concrete Mixer

In AIMIX Group, the small concrete mixer refers to drum mixer for sale. These drum concrete mixers consist of a double conical frustum shaped drum. Depending on its type, the drum either has a single set of blade or multiple sets of blades, which can be used to mix and discharge the concrete mixture.

JZC350 Electric Concrete Mixer
JZC350 Electric Concrete Mixer

JZC500 Electric Concrete Mixer
JZC500 Electric Concrete Mixer

The drum mixer for sale has small capacity. The discharging capacities are about 350L and 500L. Customer can apply them for small construction projects, such as low-rises buildings, foundations, and houses. According to engine, there is diesel engine and electric concrete mixer for sale. Thus, clients can choose either one according to construction demands. Models are as follows:

Diesel concrete mixers: JZR350 and JZR500; Electric concrete mixers: JZC350 and JZC50.

Any interested in our mixers, contact us for latest price right now:

JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer in Botswana
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer in Botswana

JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixers
JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixers in Botswana

Large Concrete Mixer

In order to meet customers’ construction demands, AIMIX also has produced large capacity concrete mixers. In general, the large concrete mixers are used for medium and large size of construction projects.

In AIMIX Group, we have divided large concrete mixers for sale in Botswana into the twin shaft concrete mixer and self loading concrete mixer.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

As we all know, the twin shaft concrete mixer is one of important components of concrete batching plant. Without the twin shaft mixer, the batching plant can’t produce concrete mixture. Therefore, it is used for mixing plant work generally. Here are some mixers working at construction site. If your concrete plant need exchange twin shaft mixer, you can contact us:

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers
Twin Shaft Concrete Mixers

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Used for Concrete Plant
Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Used for Concrete Plant

Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Self-loading concrete mixer is an efficient machine that can operate all processes including making concrete mixture automatically. It can self load, weigh, batch, mix, transport and discharge the concrete mixture at the construction site as per the requirements. Therefore, it can be used as three machine: wheel loader, concrete mixer and concrete truck.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale In Botswana
Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale In Botswana

Some countries in Africa, including Botswana, are in need of this self loading mixer with large demands. Because they regard the mixer as mini mobile batching plant. Comparing with concrete batching plant, it can help save a lot of cost. In addition, the price is cheaper and more reasonable. Besides, AIMIX Group has manufactured different models of self loading mixers with different prices. Models are AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5 and AS-6.5. If you wanna get price now, contact us:

AS-1.8 self loading mixer in Botswana
AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer in Botswana

AS-2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Botswana
AS-2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Botswana

AS-3.5 Self Loading Transit Mixer
AS-3.5 Self Loading Transit Mixer

AS-4.0 Concrete Mixer Self Loading
AS-4.0 Concrete Mixer Self Loading

Benefits of Investing in A Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Botswana

1.Get returns. Customers can get quick returns in six months after investment. Therefore, it is really deserved to be invested.

2.Save labour. The self loader mixer just spends one person operating the whole processes. While, it needs doubled labor if using the ordinary concrete mixer for construction projects.

3.Installing it yourself. Customers can assemble it easily after receiving it. Besides, we would send installation video of self loading mixer. In addition, our engineer can provide remote help if necessary.

AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale in Botswana

After-sales Service Provided for Concrete Mixer in Botswana

Aimix Group aims to provide considerate service for clients, including pre-sale, on-sale and after sales service. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the issue of after-sales service.

Pre-sale service: Before making order, our sale would be patient to answer your questions about our equipment. After confirming your requirements, our sale will be prepared the quotation and send it to customers as soon as possible.

On-sale service: During the purchasing processes, our sale will make confirmation about payment, manufacturing and transportation. Keep in touch with clients and inform them the updating.

After-sales service: After the customer get the equipment, we would arrange engineer to help the installation and debug online or at the construction site. If there is something wrong with your equipment during working, our engineer would remote check and help solve the problems. In addition, customers can free exchange the weary components under warranty.

Concrete Mixer After-sales Service
Best After-sales Service
Selfloading Mixer Service

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