Concrete Mixer for Sale in Nigeria

Concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria is a machine that mixes cement, gravel, water, and other additives together to get a good and equal proportion of the mixture. The mixture can be used for various kinds of projects, such as buildings, bridges, harbors, tunnels, urban and rural roads…… Because it is so practical and convenient to operate and maintain on the construction spots. Customers in different cities prefer to buy it for construction.

Concrete Mixer For Sale In Nigeria

Now, Aimix concrete mixers have covered many cities, like Lagos, Abuja, Aba, Kano, Benin City, Bauchi, etc. You can check their applications in Nigerian market below.

Wide Applications of Concrete Mixers In Nigeria

  • Model: AS-3.5
  • Capacity: 14 m3/h
  • Project: road construction
  • City: in Lagos
  • Introduction: The customer began to assemble it once it had arrived in Nigeria. He tested and debugged it himself. Because we have sent the unloading and installation instructions PPT and videos. He could make it easier. In general, we load the self-loading mixer via a container. Therefore, the AIMIX self-loading mixer is apart simply. After the mixer arrived, customers just need to assemble it according to the videos.

  • Model: AS-3.5 self loading mixer + ABT30C diesel concrete pump
  • Capacity: 14 m3/h mixer and 30 m3/h concrete pump
  • Project: warehouse construction
  • City: in Abuja
  • Introduction: The Nigerian customer chose to cooperate with AIMIX finally because AIMIX can offer him best after-sales service. While other concrete mixer manufacturers wouldn’t provide. As we all know, after-sales service issue is what the customer is concerned a lot. Thanks for the customer’s trust! He was satisfied with our equipment and service!

Exporting AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer to Nigeria
AS-3.5 self loader mixer was ready to export
ABT30C diesel concrete pump to Nigeria

  • Model: AS-2.6 self loading mixer + wheel loader
  • Capacity: 10.4 m3/h
  • Project: shopping mall building construction
  • City: in Abuja
  • Customer reviews: The self loading mixer has brought efficiency and convenience to our concrete mixing process, allowing me to produce quality concrete on-site without delays. With AIMIX equipment, I finished the project ahead of schedule, a month earlier than expected. Highly recommended!

Self Loading Mixer to Nigeria
Export Wheel Loader

As the cases shows, a lot of customers prefer to invest in a self loading type concrete mixer for their construction projects. Next, let’s explore some information about self loading mixers.

New Type of Concrete Mixer for Sale in Nigeria – Self Loading Type

  • The self loading mixer can realize self-batching, weighing, mixing, and discharging into one with multi-functions. Thus, it can equal three machines: wheel loader, concrete mixer, and concrete mixing truck.
  • There are several capacities for choices: 1.2 m3, 1.8 m3, 2.6 m3, 3.5 m3, 4.0 m3, 5.5 m3 and 6.5 m3. Models are from AS-1.8 to AS-6.5.
  • You can choose the suitable capacity of self loading mixer in Nigeria to apply for construction projects, like foundations, warehouses, buildings, concrete slab construction, etc. If you need self-loading concrete mixer price in Abuja, please contact us right now!

AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer in Nigeria

AS-1.8 Type

  • Concrete output: 7.2 m³/h
  • Engine Model: Cummins/Weichai/Yuchai
  • Rated Power: 78kw
  • Water Tank: 500L
AS-2.6 Self Loading Mixer for Sale

AS-2.6 Model

  • Concrete output: 10.4 m³/h
  • Engine Model: Cummins/Weichai/Yuchai
  • Rated Power: 78kw
  • Water Tank: 500L

AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer Truck in Nigeria

AS-3.5 Type

  • Concrete output: 14 m³/h
  • Engine Model: Cummins/Weichai/Yuchai
  • Rated Power: 85kw
  • Water Tank: 620L
AS-4.0 Self Mixing Concrete Truck in Nigeria

AS-4.0 Model

  • Concrete output: 16 m³/h
  • Engine Model: Cummins/Weichai/Yuchai
  • Rated Power: 85kw
  • Water Tank: 660L

Actually, the self loading concrete mixer is not only hot-selling in Nigeria, but in some nearby countries, like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, South Sudan, etc. You can check their working in other countries below.

Applications Of Self Loading Concrete Mixers In African Market

AIMIX has been exported over 60 sets of concrete mixers to the African market. A lot of customers are satisfied with our equipment. Here are some customer feedback videos of the Aimix self loading mixers. Hope that can be helpful for you before you made an order from us.

  • Model: AS-4.0
  • Construction Project: Foundation Construction

  • Model: AS-3.5
  • Construction Project: Foundation Construction

  • Item: AS-4.0
  • Construction Project: Rural House Construction

  • Item: AS-4.0
  • Project: Foundation Construction for Warehouse

Customer Reviews on Self Loader Concrete Mixers

Before placing an order, many customers have curious about our mobile concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria. They wanna know the quality and service of our product from the user’s perspective. Aimix customers who purchased our machine have sent us a lot of real customer reviews. They thumped up our machine which has greatly improve working efficiency. If you have other questions about the equipment, you can contact us without hesitation! Check some reviews for reference.


Purchasing 6 sets of mixers have gained big discounts, whether for renting or selling, they are all deserved to be invested!


Really save cost, get returns soon


pretty good; easy to operate; need less labor


perfect combination: self loading mixer and concrete pump; improving working efficiency


I’d denfinitely recommended this flexible self loading mixer! Easier to operate and save labours exactly!


Perfect matching self loading concrete mixer and trailer concrete pump; very nice; excellent qualit

Although the self loading concrete mixer is the most hot-selling concrete mixing equipment, there are still other kinds of concrete mixers AIMIX manufactured for local clients. Compared with self loading mixers, they are relatively small concrete mixers. We advise all customers to buy these small mixers in bulk. Please check these mixers below.

Other Kinds of Concrete Mixers In Nigeria

Apart from the above self loading mixers, there are other two kinds of concrete mixers for sale in Nigeria in terms of mixing way. One is drum concrete mixer, the other one is compulsory concrete mixer. The drum mixer can be devided into diesel concrete mixer and electric concrete mixer according to engine. Check their descriptions below.

Drum Concrete Mixers – Diesel and Electric Types

Diesel Concrete Mixers – JZR350 and JZR500

  • Accordingly, the diesel concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria is motivated by diesel engine, which has powerful and efficient.
  • Compared with electric one, the diesel cement mixer price in Nigeria is a little higher but acceptable for customers.
  • Thus, in those places lacking electricity, the diesel cement mixer is more appropriate for small construction projects, especially for house construction and road repairing construction.
  • In Aimix, there are two modes of diesel concrete mixers for sale: JZR350 and JZR500.

JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer
JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer
JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer
JZC350 Electric Concrete Mixer
JZC350 Electric Concrete Mixer
JZC500 Electric Concrete Mixer
JZC500 Electric Concrete Mixer

Electric Concrete Mixers – JZC350 and JZC500

  • It is powered by an electric motor. In general, the electric concrete mixer is suitable for those areas where there is a sufficient electricity supply.
  • A lot of customers in Africa would like to purchase this kind of mixer because the price of concrete mixer machine in Nigeria with electric motor has cheaper prices than diesel ones.
  • Now, in AIMIX, we can provide customers with JZC series electric concrete mixers, including JZC350 and JZC500.

Drum Concrete Mixer Nigeria

Compulsory Concrete Mixers – JS Series

  • The compulsory mixer is adopted a forced mixing way, which can ensure evenly concrete mixing.
  • It can be divided into single-shaft and twin-shaft mixers. In Aimix, the twin shaft mixers are well-received among clients.
  • The twin shaft concrete mixers are usually matching with a large concrete plant, block machines, and dry mortar plant.
  • Aimix has manufactured several models of JS series twin shaft concrete mixers for sale, including JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000 and JS3000.

compulsory concrete mixer JS500

JS500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

JS750 Twin Shaft Mixer

JS750 Twin Shaft Mixer

JS1000 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

JS1000 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Comparison Of Self Loading Concrete Mixer And Drum Concrete Mixer in Nigeria

Because the self loading mixer is a new concrete mixing equipment in the market. A lot of clients are not familiar with it. They are curious about the self loading concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria. However, they do not know choose which one among self loading mixer and drum mixer for their construction projects. Here I have listed some aspects of two concrete mixer comparisons. You can check them and select an sutiable type.

  • Power resource: The self loading type is powered by diesel engine. While the small drum concrete mixer business in Nigeria has two options: diesel engine or electric motor. Both of their diesel engine brand can be customized according to the client’s requirements.
  • Functions: the drum concrete mixer needs to use external force to realize the feeding function, like the wheel loader and manual feeding. However, the self loader concrete mixer for sale in Nigeria can realize self-loading itself due to equipping with a loading bucket.
  • AS-3.5 Self Loader Concrete Mixer for Sale
    Self Loader Concrete Mixer
    Small Drum Concrete Mixer
    Small Drum Concrete Mixer
  • Capacity: The drum mixer for sale in Abuja has two discharging capacities: 350L and 500L. But the self loading mixer in Nigeria have larger discharging capacities and wide capacity ranges, including 1800L, 2600L, 3500L, 40000L, 5500L, and 6500L.
  • Applications: Due to its small capacity, the drum mixer for sale is more suitable for small-sized construction projects, like house construction, especially in rural areas. While, the self loading mixer has wide capacities ranges which can be applied for different kinds of projects, such as houses, buildings, foundations, roads, harbours……
  • Prices: How much is concrete mixer in Nigeria? It is the most concerned question for clients when choosing a concrete mixer Nigeria.
    Actually, the drum concrete mixer machine price in Nigeria is more cheaper than the self-loading mixer price. If your budget is limited, you can consider buying the cheaper drum one. The self loading mixer price ranges from $12,000 to $58,000.

Combining with Concrete Pump Machine for Your Project

In general, the concrete mixer can perfectly cooperate with concrete pumping machine to complete concrete mixing and pumping work on-site conveniently. Many contractors would like to buy the combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump for different kinds of projects they have contracted. Let’s check the combinations below.

Self loading Concrete Mixer + Concrete Pump

The self loading concrete mixer with pump is the popular concrete solution among clients. The combination can greatly save at least 10 labours and save a lot of operation time. They are widely applied for the projects, especially for buildings, foundations, warehouses, etc. Check the applications through video lists:

Concrete Mixer + Concrete Pump = Concrete Mixer Pump

The combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump can form a new machine – concrete mixer pump. It has integrated concrete mixing and pumping functions together. The clients can save a lot of costs comparing buying them alone. With 30 and 40 m3/h capacity, they are suitable for small and medium-sized projects, especially for house and building construction in rural and urban areas.

About Aimix

AIMIX Group, a reliable concrete construction machine manufacturer in China, has over 30 years’ experience since 1982. we have exported many concrete mixers for decades. You can choose to cooperate with us without hesitation. Here are some reasons why you can choose us!

1. We have professional sales team and after-sales engineers team to solve all kinds of after-sales problems.

Aimix After-sales Team

2. AIMIX has 6 branch oversea offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Malaysia. We promise to provide considerate service for our customers. In addition, AIMIX plans to establish a branch office in Nigeria in 2024!

3. We are recruiting an agent in Nigeria. If we have an agent there, the customers can buy Aimix machines more easily. If anyone is interested in being an agent, welcome to contact us!

4. Aimix concrete mixer price in Nigeria is more reasonable and competitive. You can buy a quality concrete mixer from Aimix Group with the best prices!

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