Concrete Mixer for Sale in Tanzania

Concrete mixer for sale in Tanzania has wide application in construction industry, such as houses, buildings, roads, tunnels, foundations, factories, warehouses…… . A lot of local suppliers seek for reliable global concrete mixer manufacturers all over the world, such as China AIMIX Group.

concrete mixer for sale in tanzania

AIMIX have exported many units of concrete mixers to the Tanzania market. They have been widely used in the island of Zanzibar and the city of Dar es salaam. You can check one of AIMIX concrete mixer cases below.

Application of Concrete Mixer in Tanzania

  • Product: AS-2.6 self loading concrete mixer
  • Capacity: 2.6 m3/batch; about 10.4 m3/h
  • Application: Rural building construction project
  • City: In Dar es salaam
  • Power: Diesel engine
  • Customer reviews: “Exceptional! My initial experience with the self-loading mixer was truly outstanding. Not only did it lead to significant cost savings, but it also delivered an impressive level of quality. Aimix’s product stands as a pinnacle of excellence, and I’m genuinely delighted to be collaborating with Aimix! And the concrete mixer price in tanzania is really attractive. “

AS-4.0 Self Load Mixer in Tanzania
AS-4.0 Self Load Mixer in Tanzania
AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working in Tanzania
AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working in Tanzania

Almost every customer who has purchased the AIMIX self loading concrete mixer has spoken highly of the equipment. Here are some other customers reviews for reference.


AIMIX machine is really reliable. I have purchased mixer in AIMIX before! Long service life and stable performance!


I would highly recommend this mixer, it makes the whole processes simple. Very practical to use!


High efficiency and stable performance. 3.5 m3 capacity is suitable for my project.


I’d denfinitely recommended this flexible self loading mixer! Easier to operate and save labours exactly!


Purchasing 6 sets of mixers have gained big discounts, whether for renting or selling, they are all deserved to be invested!


perfect combination: self loading mixer and concrete pump; improving working efficiency

Therefore, AIMIX self loading concrete mixer for sale is well-received concrete mixing equipment in the market now. Let’s expore more detailed information about self loading concrete mixer truck below.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale in Tanzania

Self loading concrete mixer for sale is a diesel-engine powered concrete mixing machine that has won popularaity among clients in Tanzania.

Because it is a multi-functional equipment that has combined three machine together: wheel loader, concrete mixer and concrete truck. Customer can save a lot of money to buy the self loading mixer instead of three machine alone.

There are six models of self loading mixers for choice: As-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. Check its models and specifications below.

AS-2.6 Self Loadiing Concrete Mixer in Tanzania

AS-2.6, 10.4 m³/h

AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Tanzania

AS-3.5, 14 m³/h

AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-4.0, 16 m³/h

Engine Power(W)929291917878
Mixer drum capacity (L)900078006000474035802680
Water tank (L)1465840920620500400
Weighing methodAutomatic hydraulic weighing system
Total weight (Kg)12520115009200790071006100
Overall size (LxWxH)8450x3050x48308450×3100×45807640×2870×47507830×2680×41707860×2750×41007300×2650×3750

Why The Tanzania Clients Prefer to Use Self Mixing Concrete Truck?

Among different kinds of concrete mixers for sale in Tanzania, the clients prefer to use the self loading type rather than adopt others. The main reasons are as follows:

  • Time-saving: The self loading concrete mixer for sale in tanzania combine the functions of a concrete mixer, loader, and transport vehicle in one, significantly reducing the time required for concrete mixing and transportation. It is especially valuable in projects with tight deadlines.
  • Cost Savings: The self loading mobile concrete mixer Tanzania help clients save on labor costs because it require only one worker in the cab to operate. Additionally, the ability to mix concrete on-site reduces the need to purchase pre-mixed concrete from a batching plant in Tanazania, further saving costs.
  • Wide Applications: The self loading transit mixer has wide applicaitons and can handle a wide range of concrete mixing tasks. It is suitable for various applications, including road construction, building projects, and infrastructure development both in rural and urban areas.

With so many benefits, it is cost-effective to invest in a slm concrete machine for business. Therefore, it is popular not only in Tanzania, but also nearby countries in Africa, like Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, South Africa, Somalia, Dr Congo, Zimbia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, etc. Check some applications in other countries.

Applications of Self Loading Mixers in Other African Countries

For Foundation Construction In Mozambique

For Foundation Construction In South Sudan

For Building Construction In Dr Congo

For Building Construction In Zimbabwe

Self Loading Mixer Working In Zimbabwe for Factory Construction

For Road Construction In Uganda

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working in Uganda

For House Construction In South Africa

For House Construction In South Africa

If the concrete mixer truck self loading is not what you need, you have other options. Because AIMIX has manufactured other kinds of concrete mixers for sale in Tanzania. Check them in the following paragraphs.

Other Type of Concrete Mixers in Tanzania – Twin Shaft Mixer

Twin shaft concrete mixer is adopted forced mixing method, which can ensure high mixing quality. While, the drum concrete mixer use self falling way, forward mixing and reverse unloading. It also can mix concrete mixture evenly.

Generally, the twin shaft mixer is used with large concrete equipment, such as concrete plant, block machine and dry mortar plant.

Twin Shaft Conrete Mixer in Tanzania
Twin Shaft Conrete Mixer in Tanzania

It’s worth noting that while the mixer types mentioned above may be suitable for your project, we recommend purchasing three or more units. If you’re only considering buying one from AIMIX in China, the long distance will result in higher shipping costs, making it a less cost-effective option. However, you can consider concrete mixer collaborating with other machines for concrete solutions. Check more concrete solutions below.

Different Concrete Solutions for Your Projects

Mixing and Pumping Solutions

The mixing and pumping typically refers to the process of mixing a construction material, such as concrete, and then pumping it to the desired location at a construction site.

The processes are employed in various applications, including foundations, building walls, floor slabs, and infrastructure construction, etc.

For mixing and pumping solutions, AIMIX has launched two options: one of self loading concrete mixer with pump, and the other one is concrete mixer and concrete pump. Check their applications:

Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump Application


Concrete Mixer with Pump Application in Tanzania

Mixture Production and Transporation Solutions

Concrete mixture production and transportation solutions are essential in the construction industry, where concrete is a fundamental building material.

In general, it is better to adopt the concrete batching plant for fresh concrete mixture production, especially 35 and 50 m3/h capacity.

About the concrete transportation, we recommend the concrete mixer trucks that are equipped with rotating drums to carry freshly mixed concrete from the batching plant in Tanazania to the construction site. For concrete mixer truck, you’d better to choose 3, 4, 5 and 6 m3 capacity.

concrete batching plant and concrete mixer truck

AJY35 batching plant in Tanzania
AJY35 Batching Plant
AJY50 concrete plant in Tanzania
AJY50 Concrete Plant

Nowasays, the above concrete solutions are well-received in the Tanzania market. And many clients have purchased the concrete machine for business. Whether for self using or renting business, it can get quick returns.

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