Concrete Mixer For Sale Philippines

Concrete mixer for sale Philippines is an universal concrete mixing equipment for various construction projects. Cement mixer Philippines is usually applicable for buildings, highways, roads, bridges, tunnels, harbors etc.

Concrete mixer for sale Philippines

Due to large market in the Philippines, AIMIX has exported more than 60 sets of cement mixer Philippines sale to the market up to now. More exicited news! AIMIX concrete mixers for sale always in stock in the Philippines, especially self loading concrete mixer. Thus, customers can find and buy the cement mixer for sale Philippines nearby. Fistly, let’s check how the customers utilize trucks in the execution of construction tasks.

Utilization of Concrete Mixer Philippines for Various Construction Undertakings

Generally, the clients adopt the concrete mixer for sale philippines for urban and rural civil construction projects. The main applications cover these ranges as follows:

  • Foundations for houses and building construction
  • Road construction, repairing, and hard concrete pavements projects
  • Bridge construction
  • Slab construction
  • Precast concrete pouring projects
  • Flood protection projects
  • Water canal projects

Thus, here I would show some wide applications of portable cement mixer for sale philippines based on the above lists for reference. Check them below.

AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Used for Flood Protection

  • Model: AS-3.5
  • Project: Flood Protection
  • City: Taytay, Rizal, Philippines

AS-3.5 concrete mixer Used For Flood Protection Project
AS-3.5 concrete mixer Used For Flood Protection Project

AS-1.8 Self Concrete Mixer Applied for Foundation Work

  • Model: AS-1.8
  • Capacity: 7.2 m3/h
  • Project: Substation Foundation
  • City: In Cebu, Philippines

AS-1.8 Concrete Mixer for Foundation Project in Cebu, philippines

AS-1.8 Self Loader Mixer for Foundation-Construction in Cebu

AS-3.5 Self Concrete Mixer For Ice Cream Factory House Construction

  • Model: AS-3.5
  • Capacity: 14 m3/h
  • Project: Ice Cream Factory House Construction
  • City: In Batagus, Philippines

AS-3.5 Self Loading Truck

Aimix Self Loading Mixer for Ice Cream Factory Project

AS-3.5 Self Concrete Mixer For Road Project

  • Model: AS-3.5
  • Capacity: 3.5 m3/batch
  • Project: Concrete road project
  • City: In Manila, Philippines

All AIMIX self loading concrete mixer truck users have expressed positive reactions, noting their enjoyable collaboration with AIMIX. Let’s delve into their evaluations of AIMIX self loading mobile concrete mixer for sale in the philippines.

Arrival Feedback and Customer Evaluations on Concrete Mixers

Arrival Feedback

Client Flying to Bataan and Checking 6 Sets of AS-1.8 Self Loading Concrete Mixers After Equipment Arrival

Client Unloading AS-1.8 Self Loading Concrete Mixer in the Philippines

AIMIX Self Loading Arriving in the Philippines
Checking Self Loading Mixer in Philippines
Unloading AIMIX Self Loading Mixer In The Philippines

Customer Reviews


High efficiency and stable performance. 3.5 m3 capacity is suitable for my project.


Purchasing 6 sets of mixers have gained big discounts, whether for renting or selling, they are all deserved to be invested!

Customer Reviews

The self-loading vehicle trend is sweeping through the Philippine market. The featured application cases primarily showcase the top-selling AS-3.5 models. Apart from this, there are many other alternatives for you to consider. Look through the following presentations and choose the self-loading mixer truck model that aligns with your preferences.

Self Loading Cement Mixer for Sale in Philippines – Multiple Choices

The self loading concrete mixer is one of hot-selling concrete mixing machine in the Philippines. While, customers in the Philippines is used to call it as self loading mixer truck Philippines. Why? Because from its appearance, it looks like a concrete mixer truck. Yes, it can totally function as a mixer truck.

Actually, it equals to three kinds of machine: wheel loader, concrete mixer and concrete truck. The self loading mixer truck for sale Philippines can batch, weigh, mix, discharge and transport concrete mixture itself.

In AIMIX, portable concrete mixer Philippines capacities are available from 1.2 cubic meter to 6.5 cubic meter, including 1.2 m3, 1.8m3, 2.6m3, 3.5 m3, 4.0m3, 5.5 m3 and 6.5 m3.

AS-1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer

AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer

2.6 cbm Self Loading Mixer

AS-2.6 Self Loading Mixer

According to the models, you can simply select a model initially according to the projects. Here are some model advices:

  • AS-3.5 and AS-4.0: Medium self loading mixers for houses, buildings, and roads construction.
  • AS-5.5 and AS-6.5: Large concrete mixer self loading usually for high buildings, county roads, harbors, etc.
  • AS-1.2, AS-1.8 and AS-2.6: Small self loader mixer applied for small house construction and simple foundation work.

To be honest, if the customers invest into one, it can get returns in three month generally. As we all know, the self loading mixing truck for sale in the Philippines can help save a lot of time, labour and cost.

AS-3.5 Self Concrete Mixer

AS-3.5 Self Concrete Mixer

AS-4.0 Self Loading Cement Mixer

AS-4.0 Self Loading Cement Mixer

5.5 cbm Self Loader Mixer

AS-5.5 Self Loading Mixer

During the construction process, is it possible to accomplish the entire construction project by using self loading concrete mixer alone? Are you frequently confronted with the hassle of transporting concrete to the site and then managing concrete conveyance? Should you face these issues, keep exploring AIMIX’s personalized solutions that seamlessly combine concrete production and transportation.

Concrete Production and Transportation Solution – Self Loading Mixer and Pump

Self loading concrete mixer with pump in the Philippines is the combination of self loading concrete mixer truck and trailer concrete pump. A lot of customers in the Philippines have chosen these machines for their construction projects, like houses, buildings, bridges, tunnels, foundations, etc.

Indeed, it can greatly improve working efficiency and shorten the construction period. Besides, it can help save a lot of labor and costs.

More importantly, Anyone who purchases two machines in Aimix Group can get discounts. Therefore, it is very cost-effective for customers to invest in these machines.

At the construction sites, after the aggregate is loaded into the loading hopper, feeding the material into the mixer drum, after blending the mixture, loading the concrete mixture into the hopper of concrete pump, last pumping the mixture through pipelines. Here is the working video of self loading concrete mixer with pump.

self loading concrete mixer with pump philippines

Why Use the Combination for Projects?

  • On-Site efficiency

    The self-loading concrete mixer with pump allows for on-site mixing and immediate concrete delivery, optimizing construction processes in urban environments with limited space and tight schedules.

  • Continuous concrete supply

    Infrastructure projects, such as bridges and highways, benefit from the equipment’s ability to ensure a steady and continuous supply of concrete, reducing downtime and increasing overall project efficiency.

  • Mobility in challenging terrains

    In remote or challenging locations with limited accessibility, the self-loading transit mixer with pump’s mobility and on-site concrete production capabilities become essential for successful construction.

  • Cost-effective solution for smaller projects

    Small to medium-sized construction sites find the equipment advantageous as it combines concrete mixing and pumping, offering a cost-effective and space-saving solution compared to using separate machinery.

Working Vidoes on-site

Having gained insight into this concrete production and pumping solution, are you inclined to take the plunge and invest in it for your project? If you’re also contemplating an investment in a self loading concrete mixer, it’s worth checking whether its price is in line with your budget. Here’s a simple overview of concrete mixer prices for your quick reference.

Find The Best Concrete Mixer Price Philippines

Cement mixer price Phlippines is the determined factor which can affect whether the customers buy or not. As we all know, the price of cement mixer in the Philippines is influenced by different factors, such as raw material, models, quality, after-sales service……Thus, it is wise for customers to choose what pay more attention to. Here is the price list of Aimix concrete mixers for sale for reference:

  • AS-1.8 ~ AS-6.5 price ranges: $14,000 to $58,000

AIMIX self loading concrete mixer service

AIMIX Group, as a reliable concrete mixer supplier in the Philippines, we have provided reasonable self loading cement mixer price philippines because of considerate after-sales service. All customers are satisfied with our best service. In addition, they thought our equipment and service is deserved to buy. If you wanna get our concrete mixer price Philippines, contact us now! Submit the following chart or through email, WhatsApp. Then our sale manager will reply you soonest!

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