Concrete Mixer Machine Price

Concrete mixer machine price is the most influential factor, for which can customers make decisions. As we all know, the half bag concrete mixer price list is totally various in different concrete mixer manufacturers. A lot of customers would pay more attention to the cost of concrete mixer, while ignoring other factors, such as materials, models, quality, service life, components brand, after-sales service…… All of these factors may truly affect the concrete mixture machine price list. Therefore, before purchasing a concrete mixer, you had better have a comprehensive considering about these factors. Then choose what you want the mixer finally. Here I will introduce you AIMIX concrete mixers for sale and factors affecting our concrete mixer machine price list.

Classifications of AIMIX Concrete Mixers for Sale

It is the primary important for customers to identify which kind of concrete mixer in the market and which one is the actual requirement. In AIMIX, we have made several types of concrete mixers for reference.

1.As for working method, there is continuous drum concrete mixer and single/twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer for sale.

Drum Concrete Mixer Machine Price

Drum Concrete Mixer

compulsory Concrete Mixer Machine Price

compulsory concrete mixer

2. In terms of engine, diesel concrete mixer and electric concrete mixer are all available.
Diesel Concrete Mixer

Diesel Concrete Mixer

Electric Concrete Mixer

Electric Concrete Mixer

3. According to capacity, we have divided them into mini concrete mixer, medium concrete mixer and large concrete mixer.

Factors Affecting Concrete Mixer Machine Price

1. Raw material

Steel is the main raw material of producing concrete mixer, especially the special steel of the wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant mixer, which can directly determines the cement mixer price. The increase in the price of steel will affect the ex-factory price. While, the steel quality will influence its abrasion resistance, which can prolong the service life of portable concrete mixer.

2. Model

Different models have various cement mixer machine price. Moreover, for different construction projects, it is significant for clients to choose the most appropriate one. Taking the capacity for example, the larger capacity is, the best price cement mixeris higher. While, for different concrete mixer types, the concrete mixer machine cost is totally different. In general, electric cement concrete mixer machine priceis cheaper than diesel hydraulic concrete mixer machine price. Among all concrete mixers for sale, our self loading concrete mixer vehicle price is the highest mixing equipment. While, if you need a cheaper concrete mixer, the small cement mixer lowest price is acceptable. If you wanna get detailed quotation about our mixers, please contact our sale for exact price:

Mini Concrete Mixer Machine Price

Mini Concrete Mixer

Large Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine Price

Large Self Loading Mixer

3. After-sales service

After-sales service is the most important factor when customers choose to make orders. They would prefer to select those who provides considerate after-sales service first. As we all know, it can save a lot of time to solve the troubles when it is out of work when you buy a mixer with best after-sales service. Moreover, it can help save cement mixer cost. In general, best service including:

  • 1. Free offering wearing parts within one year warranty
  • 2. Free providing visiting and checking on construction spots twice one year
  • 3. Timely arranging engineering to repairing machine when our of work
 Best Concrete Mixer After-sales Service
Best Concrete Mixer After-sales Service
Self Loading Mixer After-sales service in Myanmar
Self Loading Mixer After-sales service in Myanmar

The above three is just part factors which can affecting the price concrete mixer. Customers requires to assess all factors before making decisions. If you need some professional advice, please consult our sale:

About AIMIX Concrete Mixer Price

AIMIX is an matured concrete mixer manufacturer in China, which has manufactured mixer over 30 years. We have gained CE and ISO certifications to ensure the quality of construction mixer machine. Moreover, 6 branch offices has built in order to provide prompt after-sales service for our global customers. Up to now, our concrete mixers have been spread and worked over 30 countries. Most of customers has positive feedback on our equipment not only for high quality, long service life, but for easy mix cement mixer price. We also promise to offer reasonable concrete mixer machine with hopper price for clients. If you need our price list of concrete mixture machine, please leave your contact in the following form, then our sale will contact you back as soon as possible. Email available:

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