reasonable concrete mixer pump price leads to more delivery

Concrete Mixer Pump Price

A reasonable concrete mixer pump price not only is the reflection of high-quality machine, but also shows strict quality control and well after-sales service. Concrete mixer pump is the combination with both concrete mixer and concrete pump, and this is a burgeoning equipment which were rapidly filled up the market. As one of the professional concrete mixer pump manufacturers, Aimix can offer you the most economical price. Click the following button, send us an inquiry, and get the best quotation.

concrete mixer pump sale
concrete mixer pump sale

System with Good Performance is A Necessary Condition for Price

We can provide you with several kinds of mixer pump, including HBT0804-JZC200, JBS30 series and JBS40 series. You can see its good performance from the features of hydraulic system, electric control system, mechanical system, lubrication system and cooling system.

1. Hydraulic system

We adopt double open hydraulic loops with two pumps. And pumping hydraulic circuit is independent of distributing hydraulic circuit. The reliability of the whole system is also much higher as well as the components’ life is prolonged greatly. This is convenient for judging and removing trouble.

hydraulic system
hydraulic system

2. Electric control system

A. Compared with domestic product, our electric control system is simplest. Thus the element quantity is fewest. And its reliability is highest.

B. The wire remote equipment is convenient for operation far away.

C. We adopt proximity switch in hydraulic cylinder, which can realize changing direction with non-touch and ensure that the direction can be changed reliably.

mixer pump with good components
electric control system

3. Mechanical system

A. The design of critical force elements adopts I-DEAS software to calculate each data, such as stress state, structural stiffness, stress concentration. Thus the hopper and S valve have good rigidity, which effectively avoid the phenomenon of hopper distortion and S valve breakage.

B. The agitator has a unique form, which separates the hydraulic motor from agitator bearing pedestal. At the same time, the adoption of large displacement motor ensures that the agitator moment is big enough.

C. Our spectacles wear plate and cutting ring use high wear material, which makes the components’ life prolonged greatly.

s valve
s valve

4. Lubrication system

The hydraulic circuit will take high oil into double distributor, and then the lubricating part can obtain hydraulic oil. It ensures the lubrication of the concrete cylinder’s piston and other parts and prolongs the life of piston and other sealing.
lubrication system
lubrication system

Strict Quality Control is The Precondition for Reasonable Price

The price of concrete pumping machine with mixer is closely related to the level of quality control. Only with standard quality inspection, we can get reliable products. Our company develop drawings in strict accordance with national standards, and then we check the quality of accessories due to those drawings.

For instance, machining parts must be strictly checked before entering into the workshop, and quality inspection results are directly written in the accessories.

In addition, concrete mixer pump in our company must go through no less than four hours of high pressure water test before leaving the factory. If there is no quality problem, then they can be sent into the market.

Well After-sales Service is Value-added for Your Cost

You can enjoy well after-sales service if you purchase our mixer pump. The after-sales service department is one of the main departments in our company. It has a group of over thirty skilled workers in charge of maintenance and debugging. They are all experienced workers who have engaged in equipment production and site planning for many years. We promise you that we will solve your problem as fast as possible. All the broken parts under guarantee, which are caused by quality or non unnatural wearing out, can be changed for free.

considerate pre-sale service
considerate pre-sale service
installation service
installation service

All in all, Aimix concrete mixer pump for sale have been developed and highly increased over the past there and half years, and gradually increased the market shares. With several years of manufacturing and selling experience, the JBT and JBS series cement mixer pump from Aimix has a stable technical performance and mature market occupation. You can always get a proper concrete mixer pump price from us. Welcome to contact us for more specific price of concrete pump.

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