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Concrete Mixer Trailer for Sale

Concrete mixer trailer for sale is a new concrete mixing equipment specially designed for our global customers. It integrates concrete mixing, discharging and transporting together, which can greatly improve working efficiency. It has won most customers’ favorite after AIMIX launched this new cement mixer trailer for sale. The newly-produced trailer mounted concrete mixer not only satisfy the foreign market’s demand for such small concrete mixer trailer in an all-round way, but improves the product spectrum of AIMIX concrete mixing machine.

Concrete Mixer Trailer for Sale

Benefits of Concrete Mixer Trailer for Sale

1.Optimized Design. The low center of gravity and the quality of the rolling, shock absorber and braking elements are designed for the best performance of the independent tractor unit.

2.High load capacity in a compact space. Large volume and load-bearing trailer mixer with high rigidity, compact, easy to drive dimensions and a low structural weight.

3.Steel water tank, pressurised to 4 bar

4.Plastic mudguards, in compliance with the current regulations(optional aluminium and steel).

5.Second water connection included in all models

6.Ladder with non-slip surface. The wide platform can be folded, easy to maintain, clean and easy to use.

concrete trailer
concrete trailer
cement mixer trailer
cement mixer trailer

Apparent Features of AIMIX Concrete Trailer for Sale

1. The cement mixer trailer mounted hydraulic system is reliable and excellent with high stability. The reducer, pump and motor are all imported foreign products with strong driving force and stable and reliable performance.

2. The feeding and discharging system of tractor trailer cement mixer adopts a reasonable streamline design to ensure smooth feeding and discharging and no leakage. Besides, the addition of reinforcing plates at key parts enhances the wear resistance. The discharge chute can be rotated 180° in the horizontal direction to adapt to different discharges material position. Moreover, equipped with rocker mechanism, it can adjust the inclination angle with the horizontal direction in the vertical plane to adapt to different discharge heights. In addition, equipped with a locking mechanism, so that the discharge chute can be fixed in an appropriate position when driving.

3. The semi trailer concrete truck control system adopts mechanical control. The operating handles are located on the left and right sides of the rear of the mixer truck, which can synchronously control the rotation direction and rotation speed of the mixer drum. The operation is flexible and convenient, and the positioning is reliable.

4. Optional control structure in the cab is available for redi mix concrete trailer.

ready mix concrete trailer
ready mix concrete trailer
trailer mixer
trailer mixer

Working Principle of Ready Mix Concrete Trailer Near Me

When the mixing drum rotates clockwise, the pre-mixed concrete flows into the mixing drum from the rear cone feed port, is pushed away by the spiral blade to the bottom of the drum. Then it is turned forward along the spherical head; the mixing drum is counterclockwise When rotating, the concrete is gradually pushed to the outlet along the blades for unloading operations.

FAQs About Concrete Trailers for Sale

1. Will the semi-trailer be inflexible?

No. We have designed mini concrete mixer trailer with flexibility. According to construction circumstance at abroad, AIMIX has optimized our trailer mounted cement mixer, which has Short wheelbase, short body, small turning radius.

2. Will this car be super tall and heavy?

No. The semi trailer concrete mixer variable-diameter frame design reduces the height of the equipment’s center of gravity, which arranges the tops reasonably and maximizes space utilization. In addition, the premixed concrete trailer meets the requirements of laws and regulations. The weight of mixer trailer for sale is light and its cargo capacity is large.

3. Will the cargo capacity be too small?

The specially designed tank has been designed so that the ready mix trailer capacity can meet your needs as you wish. Large capacity tractor trailer concrete mixer for sale guarantees the benefit of single-pass transportation and saves customers’ costs.

trailer mounted cement mixer
trailer mounted cement mixer
trailer mounted concrete mixer
trailer mounted concrete mixer

About Concrete Mixer Trailer Price

Concrete mixer trailer price is a little higher than the ordinary concrete mixer truck alone. While, as for special construction requirements, it is more suitable to operate. Therefore, it is still deserved to be invested. As one of professional concrete mixer trailer manufacturers in China, we have accumulated more than 30 years’ experience to ensure its quality and performance. If you wanna get quotation, please contact us right now. Connecting with us through submitting the following form. Or email to us: Then our sale will reply you as soon as possible.

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