Concrete Mixers for Sale UK

Concrete mixers for sale UK are hot-selling concrete mixing equipment in these cities, like London, Swansea, Leeds, Devon, Sunderland, Birmingham, Derby, Ely, Glasgow, etc. In general, the UK cement mixer is applied for various kinds of construction items, especially for buildings, bridges, plazas, tunnels, harbors, parking lots, village houses, factories…… To meet customers’ demands, we have manufactured some kinds of concrete mixers UK for selections, including self loading concrete mixer and pan mixer UK.

Self Concrete Mixers For Sale UK

Self Loading Pan Mixer
Concrete Mixer Drum

Different Kinds of Concrete Mixers for Sale UK

There are three kinds of concrete mixer for sale provided by Aimix Group. Customers can choose any of them that can suit for their construction projects. Here are some simple introductions of Aimix concrete mixers for sale.

1. Self Loading Concrete Mixer in UK

Many customers in UK are not unfamiliar with this kind of London cement mixer. As a developed country, UK is always pursuing industrial machine that keeps pace with the times to satisfy the demands of the construction industry.

As we all know, the self loading mixer is newly and specially designed for small and medium construction items. To a certain extent, it can replace for the mini concrete mixer truck at the construction sites.

Compared with a concrete mixer truck, it has an additional function – self loading with its hopper. With its small size and lightweight, it can run more smoothly on bumpy roads. The excellent self loading concrete mixer UK integrates multiple functions in one, including self loading, batching, weiging, mixing, discharging and transporting.

Therefore, it just needs one person to operate it in the cab, which can save 5~6 labor. Here are some different cement mixer sizes UK for sale AS-1.2 ~ AS-6.5. Clients can have a browse and choose a suitable one.

AS-1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer in UK

AS-1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer

AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer

AS-2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

AS-2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

AS-3.5 Self Concrete Mixer Machine

AS-3.5 Self Concrete Mixer

AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-5.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-5.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

2. Self Loding Pan Mixer for Sale UK

The pan mixer is easily distinguished from other concrete mixers for sale due to its special mixing container. From its appearance, it looks like a pan. That is also the origin of its name. The self loading pan cement mixers UK can blend the aggregate material at a clockwise direction rotating and discharge material at an anticlockwise direction. Because of its simple structure, it is easy to assemble and disassemble. Compared with self loading concrete mixer for sale, it has a cheaper price. Thus, a lot of customers would choose concrete pan mixer for sale UK if budget is tight. In addition, Aimix has produced self loading pan mixer for free choices! You can contact our sales for the exact price!

Self Loading Pan Mixer

Concrete Mixer Trailer for Sale UK

Concrete mixer trailer is a mixer drum that is mounted on the chassis, which can be moved due to being equipped with movable tires. It has the same function as concrete mixer truck. While the mixer trailer doesn’t have a driving cab. It can transport the concrete mixture from one site to another. During the process of transporting, the concrete mixer trailer would rotate to mix the concrete mixture to prevent concrete segregation. In Aimix, there are some capacities for choice, such as 5 m3, 8 m3, 10 m3, and 12 m3. Welcome to contact us for best prices!

12m3 Concrete Mixer Trailer UK
12m3 Concrete Mixer Trailer

Multiple Uses of Aimix Concrete Mixers

As for the concrete mixer, it can be used alone, or in combination with other equipment at the construction sites. Cooperating with other machines, it can greatly improve working efficiency. Thus, many contractors would like to buy two machines or more than two machines together for their construction projects. Here are some combinations for sale in Aimix.

1. Drum Concrete Mixer + Bathcing Machine = Small Batching Plant

The mini cement mixer UK and concrete batching machine can form a simple small concrete batching plant. If the customer has no high demand for projects, this combination is the best choice. Compared with the standard concrete batching plant for sale, it has a lower cost. In addition, it doesn’t need a complex installation procedure, customer can solve it under the instructions.

Drum Concrete Mixer + Bathcing Machine = Small Batching Plant

Mobile Drum Concrete Plant UK
Drum Type Concrete Plant Uk

2. Self Loading Concrete Mixer + Concrete Pump

Self loading concrete mixer with pump is a combination of self loading cement mixer for sale London and trailer concrete pump. At the construction sites, self loading mixer would blend the concrete mixture in mixer drum, then the mixture will be discharged into the hopper of concrete pump. The concrete pump machine would transfer the mixture to where it is needed through pipelines.

3. Concrete Mixer + Concrete Pump = Concrete Mixer Pump

The cement mixer for sale Devon always works with concrete pump. The combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump is the whole machine – cement mixer pump. Nowadays, the concrete mix pump is widely applied for civil engineering construction. For projects, we advise customers to buy concrete mix pump rather than buy them apart alone. Purchasing the whole machine – concrete mixer pump for sale can help save budget.

Concrete Mixer and Pump UK
Concrete Mixer and Pump

Concrete Mixer Prices in UK

Concrete mixer price is the most direct influencing factor when customers purchase the equipment. In the UK market, the prices are different among various concrete mixer manufacturers. Many clients would choose reliable manufacturers from abroad, including China. Aimix, as one of the reliable concrete mixer suppliers in China, has sold countless sets of concrete mixers to the European market. The price of concrete mixer machine in Aimix is as follows:

Diesel Self loading Concrete Mixer Price > Diesel Drum Concrete Mixer > Electric Cement Mixer for Sale UK Price > Pan Mixer

Large Capacity Concrete Mixer Price > Small Cement Mixer UK price

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