Concrete Pump Dealers

Concrete pump dealers are common everywhere. Thus, it is easier for customers to find AIMIX concrete pump machine products in dealers. Up to now, we have cooperated with many dealers to prompt and spread machine in the world. Moreover, AIMIX has agents in different countries. Concrete pump trader import machine from us, then selling them in local places. How much do you know Aimix concrete pumping machine? If you plan to be AIMIX agent or dealer, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of our concrete pump machine first.

Concrete Pumps for Sale in AIMIX

Aimix Group has launched three main kinds of concrete pumps for sale: trailer concrete pump, mixer pump and concrete pump truck.

Trailer Pump

In the market, there are many called names for trailer pump, such as trailer mounted concrete pump, stationary concrete pump, portable concrete pump, manual concrete pump and hydraulic concrete pump. They all refer to trailer pump. It has capacities about 40 ~ 90 m3/h. With strong pumping ability, it is effective and practical for users to invest one. Among them, 60 and 90 m3/h trailer pumps are hot-selling. You can select one according to construction needs.

ABT40C Trailer Concrete Pump

ABT60C Trailer Pump

ABT80C Trailer Pump

Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer with pump is an combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump. It can mix and pump at the same time, which can greatly improve working efficiency. With small capacity about 30 and 40 m3/h, it is suitable for small construction projects, such as rural and urban building construction and road construction. In addition, it has been equipped with two kinds of concrete mixers: JZC series concrete mixer and JS series twin shaft concrete mixers. Both of them have good mixing effect. It is worth to be invested. Many concrete pump wholesalers prefer to invest into this kind of pump to get quick returns.

ABJZ30C Mixer Pump

ABJZ40C mixer pump

Boom Pump

Boom pump is one of practical concrete pump equipment among pumps for sale. Some concrete pump truck distributor would like to import concrete pump truck from China with best prices. As we all know, the boom concrete pump is widely applicable in large construction projects, such as buildings, bridges, harbors etc. Besides, it will occupy much space to operate and maintain. With long booms, it can realize long and far distance pumping. In Aimix Group, we have launched boom pumps about 14m to 57m. You can choose a suitable one according to your construction requirements. Send inquiry to:

14m Boom Pump
14m Boom Pump

44m Concrete Pump Truck
44m Concrete Pump Truck

To Be Aimix Concrete Pump Dealers

Customers all over the world can be our dealers or agents. In this way, you can sell our concrete pumps in your areas. Well, as a headquarter, we will offer support for our dealers. Please check these supports.

Be Aimix Concrete Pump Dealers

Region Protection Support

Concrete pump dealers can enjoy strict regional protection policies to ensure the privileges of the agent market and promote profitability. AIMIX GROUP, focusing on the research, development, and production of concrete pumps for many rears.

Cooperation Support

In order to help the concrete pump dealers near me get into business as soon as possible,we assist you to build your own sales and after-sales team to make your project operation more successful. Moreover, product and quotation information, sales staff training and organization management are all available.

Advertising Support

According to the different regions development situation, the necessary promotional materials will be provided for the concrete pump traders.

Delivery Support

Providing one-stop delivery service, eliminating tedious issues such as selection, transportation and customs clearance.

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