Concrete Pump in Honduras

Concrete pump in Honduras is one of the common construction machines that is widely applied in construction sites, especially for rural and urban construction projects. It can easily pump concrete mixture to where it is needed through concrete pumping pipelines. It can help save a lot of labor, time, and costs. Aimix, as one of the professional concrete pump suppliers, provides concrete mixer pump, trailer pump, and boom pump, has exported many units of concrete pumps to Honduras. Here are simple introductions of Aimix concrete pumps for sale.

Concrete Mixing Pump in Honduras

ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump
47m Concrete Boom Pump

Types of Aimix Concrete Pumps for Sale in Honduras

Before introducing Aimix concrete pump types, let’s check the basic classification of concrete pumps in the market.

  • 1.According to the power or engine, there is electric concrete pump and diesel concrete pump for sale.
  • 2.As for its mobility, it is common to see stationary concrete pump and mobile concrete pump.
  • 3.In terms of size and capacity, it is divided into mini concrete pump for sale, medium concrete pump and large concrete pump.
  • 4.Based on its appearance and function, there are three kinds of ordinary concrete pump machine for sale in the market: concrete boom pump for sale, concrete mixer with pump, and concrete pump trailer.

Here, I will show the different types of Aimix concrete pumps based on the last criterion.

Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

Trailer mounted concrete pump, as the name implies, is a pump mounted on the chassis. If equipped with tires, it is mobile, called a portable concrete pump. Otherwise, it is a static concrete pump. With capacities of 40, 60, and 80 m3/h, it is more appropriate for construction work like auger cast piling and shotcrete work in these projects, especially for buildings, tunnels, harbors, etc. To meet customers’ construction demands, Aimix has manufactured a diesel trailer pump and electric concrete pump. Customers can choose either one according to the working environment of construction. A lot of customers in Honduras invest in the hydraulic concrete pump because of its high returns. It can be reused, resold, and rent after finishing the construction projects. Besides, the trailer concrete pump for sale is far less expensive than the concrete pump truck for sale with costs ranging from USD14,000 to USD61,000. For the exact model price, contact us for a detailed quotation!

40 m3/h Trailer Concrete Pump in Honduras

40 m3/h Trailer Concrete Pump

60 m3/h Trailer Pump

60 m3/h Trailer Pump

80 m3/h Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump in Honduras

80 m3/h Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

2. Concrete Mixer and Pump

Concrete mixer and pump for sale in Honduras is emerging concrete pumping equipment. It is gradually accepted and widely used by customers for small and medium construction projects, especially for rural, urban houses and buildings construction. Because it has a smaller capacity including 30 and 40 m3/h. In addition, the small concrete pump for sale has integrated mixing and pumping functions together. That’s also the important reason why local customers would like to buy. Compared with the concrete line pump for sale under the same capacity, the concrete mixer pump price is a little higher due to the additional mixing function. There is a diesel and electric concrete mixer pump for sale in Aimix. Models are ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C, ABJZ30D, and ABJZ40D. The prices are ranging from USD22,000 to USD32,500.

ABJZ30C Diesel Mixer Pump

ABJZ30C Diesel Mixer Pump

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump in Honduras

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Pump Mixer in Honduras

ABJZ30D Electric Mixer Pump

ABJZ40D Electric Mixer Pump in Honduras

ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

3.Boom Pump

The concrete placing boom pump is typically used in high-volume applications such as high-rise buildings. It has a large engine and remote-controlled articulating arms or booms for accurate concrete placement. Thus, the cement pump truck needs more space to operate at the construction sites. To meet customers’ needs, we have manufactured several kinds of concrete boom trucks, like 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, and 57m. Contact us for the best boom concrete pump price!

37m Boom Concrete Pump for Sale

37m Boom Concrete Pump

47m Boom Pump

47m Boom Concrete Pump

57m boom concrete pump in Honduras

57m Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete Pump Working with Other Equipment in Honduras

1. Concrete Pump with Concrete Truck

At the construction site, it is common to see the tower concrete pump works with a concrete mixer truck. The concrete mixer truck transports the concrete mixture and unloads it to the hopper of the concrete pump. The concrete mixture can be delivered to where it is needed through concrete pumping lines.

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump with concrete truck

Concrete Pumping
ABT40C Concrete Pump and Concrete Mixer Truck

2.Concrete Pump with Self Loading Concrete Mixer

The combination of concrete pump and self loading mixer is popular among global customers. The self loading concrete mixer is a new type of concrete mixing equipment. For small and medium construction projects, the combination can greatly improve working efficiency and shorten the construction period. Same as concrete pump and concrete truck combination, after mixing the mixture in self loading mixer, then loading it into concrete pump, the last pumping it. Here is the working video of the self loading concrete mixer with pump.

Considerate After-sales Service

Providing considerate after-sales service is the mission of Aimix Group. Therefore, there is no need of worrying about the issue of after-sales service. To better serve customers, Aimix has established 6 branch offices all over the world, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Russia. Besides, we would arrange engineers and sales to visit customers regularly. During visiting, we can help free check and maintain the equipment. A lot of customers are satisfied with our considerate service!

Considerate After-Sales Service
Aimix After-Sales Service

About Aimix

Aimix, one of the professional concrete pump manufacturers in China, has focused on manufacturing for decades. We have advanced technology and mature manufacturing skills to provide high-quality equipment for global customers! Besides, Aimix has gained CE and ISO certificates. You can trust and choose us without hesitation. If you are interested in our concrete pump machine, contact us via the following form or email:

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