Concrete Pump in Peru

Concrete pump in Peru is one of the well-received concrete machines in the construction industry due to its effective and excellent pumping ability. In addition, it offers great convenience for concrete mixture delivery. At construction sites, the use of the concrete pump for sale can shorten construction time and improve working efficiency. Thus, AIMIX concrete pumps have been widely applied for different kinds of construction projects in Peru, like tunnels, buildings, houses, etc. Check the AIMIX cement pump for sale case below.

AIMIX Concrete Pump for Sale in Peru

AIMIX ABT80D Electric Concrete Pump Trailer For Tunnel Construction in Peru

  • Model: ABT80D Electric Concrete Line Pump for Sale
  • Max. theoretical concrete output: 84/46 cubic meters per hour
  • Electrical engineering power: 110Kw
  • Max. Theoretical Conveying Distance: 200m vertically and 1000m horizontally
  • Construction item: tunnel construction project
  • Customer review: First time to cooperate with AIMIX, an excellent and professional company. Thanks to AIMIX’s after-sales service staff to solve operational problems during pumping process. Now the tunnel construction is in normal progress and would be finished in two months, which is three months ahead of schedule.

AIMIX ABT80D Electric Concrete Pump in Peru
Testing ABT80D Electric Concrete Pump in Peru
Running ABT80D Electric Concrete Pump For Tunnel Construction
ABT80D Electric Concrete Pump for Tunnel Construtction in Peru

Three Kinds of Concrete Pumps for Sale in Peru

In the Peru market, there are ordinary concrete pumps for sale, mainly three kinds, including concrete boom pump, concrete mixer with pump, and concrete trailer pump for sale. Well, AIMIX also has manufactured concrete pump buy for clients in Peru. Here I would list the main models of AIMIX portable concrete pumps. Check them below.

Trailer Concrete Pump – 40, 60, and 80 m3/h

AIMIX stationary concrete pump

  • The trailer mounted concrete pump in Peru is mounted on the chassis and can be moved on-site via trailer or tractor. Therefore, some clients call it as a tow behind concrete pump, pull behind concrete pump, and towable concrete pump. Due to the static status once apart from the movable tires, it is also named after the stationary concrete pump for sale.
  • Among all concrete pumps for sale, its pumping output is the largest. Thus, many clients in Peru prefer to buy the mobile concrete pump for sale.
  • AIMIX has manufactured the standard models of static concrete pumps, including ABT40, ABT60, and ABT80.


  • Models: ABT40C diesel concrete pump and ABT40D electric concrete pump stationary
  • Max. Theoretical Conveying Distance: 120m vertically and 500m horizontally
  • Applications: residential projects, like houses and low-rise buildings, harbor construction
  • ROI: Get returns after 3 months’ investment.
ABT40C Line Pump for Sale in Peru
40 m3/h Line Pump


  • Items: ABT60C diesel type and ABT60D electric type
  • Conveying Distance: 180m vertically and 1000m horizontally
  • Application fields: high-rise building projects, tunnel construction, road construction, slope construction
ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump in Peru
60 m3/h Line Pump

AIMIX Concrete Mixer Pump in Peru – ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C

  • The pump mix concrete refers to the concrete pumping machine with an additional mixing function. Thus, it is called a mixer concrete pump in Peru market. In fact, it is the combination of pump crete and concrete mixer.
  • Generally, the concrete mixer pump price is a little higher than the stationary concrete pump price under the same capacity because of the mixing function.
  • The cement mixer with pump has two capacities for choices in AIMIX Group: 30 and 40 m3/h. The models are ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C. Check the models below.


  • Diesel engine brand: Wechai, Cummins, Yuchai, or customized
  • Capacity: 30 and 40 cubic meters per hour
  • Applications: With a small capacity, the mini concrete pump for sale in Peru is appropriate for rural and urban construction projects, especially for houses and buildings.

ABJZ30C Diesel Pump Mix Concrete in Peru
ABJZ30C Diesel Mixer Pump
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixing Pump for Sale in Peru
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixing Pump

Placing Boom Concrete Pump – 14m ~57m

  • The placing boom pump is mounted on a truck. Hence it is also called a concrete pump truck for sale. It adopts the concrete placing boom that the operator can control remotely to transport the concrete mixture to a certain place.
  • Besides, it can pump the concrete mixture in a very short amount of time, even from great heights, and with high accuracy. With its placing boom, the operator can maneuver around a busy construction site and pour the concrete mixtures in inaccessible areas.
  • The concrete boom pump for sale in AIMIX has various models for choices: 14m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, and 57m. If you need another meter of concrete boom pump truck for sale, contact our sales for consultation. We can customize it for Peru clients.

boom pump truck in Peru

concrete pump truck for sale

concrete pump truck for sale

Concrete Pump Cooperating With Other Machines for Projects

Many clients are contractors in Peru who have owned different kinds of construction projects. Thus, they have requirements of not only pumping, but mixing at the same time. In general, we would provide clients two kinds of mixing solutions for reference. One is with self loading concrete mixer, and the other one cooperates with a concrete truck. Check these solutions below.

1. With Self Loading Concrete Mixer

  • Self loading concrete mixer with pump is a newly launched construction machine collaboration in AIMIX. It is the combination of self loading mixer truck and line concrete pump in Peru.
  • The combination is widely applied to different kinds of construction projects, especially for residential projects in Peru. It can save lots of costs and time. More importantly, clients can get returns in six months after investing.
Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump in Peru
Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump in Peru

AS-2.6 + ABT40C For Building Construction

AS-4.0 + ABT40C For Building Construction

2. Combined with Concrete Truck

  • The combination of concrete truck and concrete pump in Peru is ordinary at construction sites. The concrete mixture is blended by the mixer truck, then loaded into the hopper concrete pump. The rmc pump would transport the mixture through high pressure.
  • Compared with the self loading concrete mixer with pump solution, the mixer truck and concrete pump combination are more suitable for large-sized construction projects, especially for high-rise building construction, harbor, bridge construction, etc.

Concrete Pump and Concrete Mixer Truck Combination

Concrete Pump Price in Peru Market

The concrete pump cost is affected by different factors generally. Every client in Peru would like to purchase a beton pump at the best price which is worthy and cost-effective. In the Peru market, the prices of concrete pumps are different for various concrete pump manufacturers. Because what the manufacturers provide has a big difference, such as raw materials, manufacturing experience, technology, shipping cost, after-sales service, etc. Well, AIMIX concrete pump prices are competitive, reasonable, and attractive in the Peru market. Here is a simple introduction to AIMIX concrete pump prices:

By Types

In AIMIX, there are three kinds of concrete pumps for sale in Peru, boom pressure concrete pump, ready mix concrete pump, and concrete mixing pump. The price order is as follows:

  • boom pump price > concrete mixer pump price > concrete line pump cost

Compared By Capacity

Under the same concrete pump type, the capacity is larger, and the prices are higher. Take line pump for example:

  • 30 m3/h rmc pump price

By Power Origin

As for power origin, there is diesel mobile pump concrete and electric portable cement pump for sale. In general, with the same capacity, the price of diesel is higher than the electric one. Taking for 40 m3/h portable concrete mixer with pump example,

If you want to get the exact price of each model of small concrete pump for sale, welcome to contact our sale directly. Contact us through email, tel, WhatsApp, and Viber. Then we would reply you in 6 hours.

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