Concrete Pump In Vietnam

Concrete pump in Vietnam is well-received among local contractors because a lot of construction projects are in need of that pump machine. Nowadays, there are countless concrete pump manufacturers in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, quality of them are so uneven that some customers are puzzle about where can i buy concrete pump in Vietnam and how to choose the appropriate concrete pump for his projects. Well, if you find Aimix concrete pump supplier in the market, please never miss us. Our concrete pump sales Vietnam has been over many years, having owned high praises from clients. Moreover, we have exported to many sets of concrete pumps to Vietnam recent years. We can check some cases together.

Concrete Pump Sales Vietnam
Concrete Pump Sales Vietnam

Delivering Aimix Trailer Concrete Pumps to Vietnam

In August,2018, our ABT40C have been exported to Vietnam successfully. The customer made this order for his civil building construction projects. In order to save cost in the long run, he finally chose a concrete pump machine with high quality and reliable performance. Our customers has visited our factory before make the order. We have guided him and introduce us detailedly. He is so satisfied with us and signed an contract. We both hope to keep cooperation in the future!

ABT40C Concrete Pump in factory before delivering
ABT40C Concrete Pump in Factory Before Delivering

In Nov, 2018, another clients inquiry our concrete pump for sale. Our sales introduce to him patiently. We got that he plan to buy a pump with large capacities. With his description, our sale recommended his ABT80C. This model can best match with his projects. Our clients are so glad and trust us sincerely. In the end, he purchase our pump and we have finished production and delivered goods on time.

ABT80C Ready To Vietnam
ABT80C Ready To Vietnam

Concrete Pump in Vietnam

Having researched on construction sites several times, we can find that there is a large demand of concrete pump. While, three kinds of concrete pumps are popular, including trailer concrete pump, concrete mix pump and concrete boom pump. Fortunately, in Aimix, we can supply you them with best price. Trailer concrete pump with capacities of 40 to 80 m3/h can apply for small, medium and large construction projects. Concrete mixer pump with 30 and 40 m3/h capacities is more suitable for rural and urban building construction projects. While. Boom concrete pump with 30 to 57 m long booms can adapt to large construction sites. Therefore, you can choose your ideal concrete pump from us.

Trailer Concrete Pump
Trailer Concrete Pump
concrete mixer and pump
Concrete Mixer and Pump
concrete boom pump
Concrete Boom Pump

Why Choose Aimix?

Many customer may curious about why to choose Aimix? What advantages do they have? Here are some reasons you can check.

1. Reliable concrete pump manufacturers. We have owned more than 30 years’ manufacturing experience. So we promise to supply high-quality products for customers.

2. Gained CE and ISO certificates.

3. Built more than 6 offices in the world, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines etc. Besides, we have plans to establish on in Vietnam in the future. Thus, you can choose us with safety.

4. Professional after-sales service teams. To offer considerate service for our customers, LBS centers are available in 6 countries. Our sales and engineers are always ready for after-sales service if necessary.

Aimix LBS Centers
Aimix LBS Centers

Bases on above advantages, why not choose us? If you wanna get elaborate information about any concrete pump for sale, please contact us in time. Our sale will reply you in 24 hours.

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