Concrete Pumps For Sale Australia

Concrete pumps for sale Australia is applicable of many types of construction sites, such as highways, roadways, bridges, buildings, harbors, tunnels, rural and urban building construction sites etc. Therefore, concrete pump for sale in Australia is so hot that there appears a lot of concrete pump manufacturers in Australia, including Aimix Group. As we all know, Australian pursuits everything that is with high quality. Equipment are no exception. For Aimix Group, we have owned over thirty years’ manufacturing experience. Therefore, there is no need of worrying about our concrete pump quality. Moreover, we promise to provide with the most reasonable price. Until now, we have exported our concrete pumping machine to many cities in Australia, especially mini concrete pumps Brisbane. Let’s check newest case together.

Aimix Mini Concrete Pump Exported to Australia

Congratulations! Our mini concrete pump has been delivered and running successfully in Australia. To be honest, mini concrete pumps Brisbane is well-received by local contractors. Because, the concrete mini pump is more suitable for small construction projects. Although it has small size, the pump has stable performance and high efficiency. Strong pumping ability can help save a lot of labour. That’s the main reason why Australian are keen on this tiny equipment. Besides, our customers has positive respond on our machine and shows us concrete pumping status on sites. Believe it or not, you can check the following pictures.

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump in Australia

— Installed in Oct.,2018
— For seaside building project
— Capacity: 40m3/h
— Max. Vertical Pumping Distance: 120m
— Max. Horizontal Pumping Distance: 500m
Mixing Pump in Fiji

high comments from customers
high comments from Australia customers
pumping concrete in Fiji
Pumping Concrete in Australia

Hottest Aimix Concrete Pumps for Sale Australia

A lot of customers are curious about which kind of concrete pump Aimix can offer. Here I will introduce you our concrete pumps Australia. Actually, we mainly supply four kinds of concrete pumps, including concrete trailer pumps for sale Australia, line pumps for sale Australia, mini concrete pumps Brisbane and concrete boom pumps for sale Australia. Our concrete pumps for sale Sydney and concrete pumps for sale Brisbane are the most hot selling cities in Australia.

Trailer concrete pump has moveable chassis, which can be dragged through trailer and tractor.

ABT40C Trailer Concrete Pump
ABT40C Trailer Concrete Pump

ABT60C Trailer Pump
ABT60C Trailer Pump
ABT80C Trailer Pump
ABT80C Trailer Pump

Concrete pump truck for sale Australiais mounted on truck, which has long booms for construction operation. In general, boom pumps for sale Australia are widely applicable of large construction projects.

Concrete Pump Truck
Concrete Pump Truck
concrete pump machine truck
Boom Concrete Pump

Concrete line pump for sale Australia is a portable, small concrete pump used for many concrete pumping applications. Also called concrete trailer pumps, they can be used to pump concrete, shotcrete, grout, mortar, foamed concrete and flowable fill.

Line Pump
Line Pump
Small Line Concrete Pump
Small Line Concrete Pump

FAQs About Aimix Concrete Pumps for Sale

1. Are your sales team available on weekends and after hours for emergency pump services?

Yes. Our experienced pump service technicians are available for pump emergencies 24 hours 7 days a week.

2. Where are your service centers located?

Now we have built more than 6 branches offices and LBS centers for after-sales service. LBS centers are available in these countries: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Malaysia etc. We are trying to establish more service centers for better serving our global customers.

Aimix LBS Centers
Aimix LBS Centers

3. Do you supply spare parts?

Yes. In branches offices and LBS centers, we have spare parts in stock. We will arrange deliver our spare parts nearest and soonest.

4. How do Aimix Concrete Pumps perform in emergency situations?

In the event of an electrical equipment malfunction, the whole pump system can keep pumping in manual mode. Operators can easily change the entire system from an electric mode to manual in case of emergency.

5. What if I have never operated a concrete pump before?

We’re here to guide you. We will offer suggestions on choosing the right equipment and provide you with basic training. For further information, refer to the operations manual provided.

Concrete Pumps For Sale Australia
Concrete Pumps For Sale Australia

6. Can you pump concrete into an area with very limited access?

Yes. We can help with choosing the right pump for your needs.

7. There is no pump pressure. What should I do?

If you are not getting any pump pressure, contact Aimix Group through email: or call us.

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