Delivering AIMIX AS2.6 Self Loader Mixer to Russia in July 2021

Congratulations! AIMIX Group has delivered the AS-2.6 self loading concrete mixer to Russia in July 2021. This customer has made several orders of self loading concrete mixers in AIMIX. He said a lot of local contractors were in need of a this kind of concrete mixer in Russia market. Therefore, he would resell our mixers to his customers in Russia. Thanks for the customers’ trust. We have established long-term cooperative relationship with him. Here are some loading and transporting pictures in factory.

Delivering AIMIX AS2.6 Self Loader Mixer to Russia
Delivering AIMIX AS2.6 Self Loader Mixer to Russia

Russia, as one of our main market in the world, has imported a lot of AIMIX self loading concrete mixers. Until, Over 60 sets of AIMIX self loading mixers have worked for various kinds of construction projects, such as roads, houses, buildings, bridges etc. It has wide range of capacity, which is appropriate for small and medium construction projects. The self loading mixer has flexible mobility. It can move among construction site. Thus, a lot customers regard it as mini mobile batching plant. Indeed, it can save your budget. More importantly, customers can get returns in six months after investment. So what are you waiting for? You also can own one with returns.

Loading AIMIX AS2.6 Concrete Mixer
Loading AIMIX AS2.6 Self Loading Mixer

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