Drum Concrete Mixer

Drum concrete mixer for sale is an advanced concrete mixing equipment, which adopts self falling way to ensure high blending quality. The mixing drum mixes the material by rotating positively, and discharges by rotating reversely. With small size and light weight, it is portable and movable easily, which is convenient to change construction sites. Therefore, it is more adaptable for architectural building site, civil engineering, and bridge project, small and medium concrete plant.

Drum Concrete Mixer
Drum Concrete Mixer

Aimix Drum Concrete Mixer Working All Over The World

Up to now, Aimix Group has exported countless units of concrete drum mixers in the world. Some customers bought it for self-using in building construction; some for bridges, roads construction projects requirements; some for local distributor; others for rental….. Whether for any buying purpose, our drum mix for sale is a cost-effective machine with quick returns. You can check some successful cases.

Delivering JZR350 Concrete Drum Mixers to Malaysia
Delivering JZR350 Concrete Drum Mixers to Malaysia
JZC350 Ready to South Africa
JZC350 Ready to South Africa
17 sets of Drum Mixers to Uzbekistan
17 sets of Drum Mixers to Uzbekistan

Types of Drum Concrete Mixers for Sale in Aimix

We mainly supply one series of drum mixer for sale – JZC series. The concrete drum is driven by gear. In terms of its capacity, we have divide them into three models: JZC350, JZC500 and JZC750. Taking JZC350 for example, it stands for the discharge volume about 350L. Sometimes, it is named after non tilting drum mixer. If you are interested in any model of mixer, contact us right now.

JZC350 drum concrete mixer

JZC350 Drum Concrete Mixer

JZC500 drum mixer

JZC500 Concrete Drum Mixer


JZC750 Drum Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer Drum for Concrete Mixer Truck

To meet customers’ construction requirements, Aimix also have manufactured concrete mixer drums for sale. It is one of important components for concrete mixer trucks. Therefore, it is also named after concrete mixer tank. In addition, some mixer trucks without cabs are called concrete mixer trailer. Aimix has manufactured several capacities of concrete drums, including 3 m3
s, 4 m3, 6 m3, 9 m3, 10 m3, 12 m3 and 14 m3. Besides, Aimix cement mixer drum for sale has been exported to many countries, like Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeira, Malawi, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

5 m3 Aimix Concrete Mixer Drum

5 m3 Concrete Mixer Drum

8 m3 Concrete Mixer Drum

8 m3 Cement Mixer Drum

10 m3 Concrete Drums

10 m3 Concrete Drums

Semi Trailer Concrete Mixer Drum
Semi Trailer Concrete Mixer Drum

Aimix Concrete Mixer Drums was Exported to Malaysia

8 m3 Cement Drum to Malaysia
8 m3 Cement Mixer Drum to Malaysia
8 m3 Concrete Drum to Malaysia

Aimix Concrete Drums Was Transported to Indonesia

Concrete Mixer Drum Was Delivered to Indonesia
Concrete Mixer Drum Was Delivered to Indonesia

Benefits of Using Drum Cement Mixer

1. Cheaper than other concrete mixer types. Apart from drum cement mixer for sale, we also supply single shaft and twin shaft concrete mixer. Among them, the drum mixer is cheapest.

2. Effective and efficient. It is effective for small production batches of concrete on site. Moreover, it can better match with mini mobile concrete batching plant.

3. Less noise pollution. Our drum mixers are equipped with an operational system that produces very little noise. The mixer is also equipped with sealed inlet and outlet ports that have a sound baffling effect, which can reduce the mixing noise.

4. Low maintenance. Aimix portable concrete mixers for sale require very little maintenance, which can help you save money. Because we have adopted wear-resistant materials and advanced components to ensure the quality of machine.

5. Working in sites where there is no electricity. Since there is a variant of the drum mixer that uses diesel it can be used in remote sites where electricity is not easily available.
Drum Mixer for Sale

Structures of Drum Cement Mixer

The cement drum mixer consists of thirteen part, including

1. Front supporting wheel 2. Loading frame 3. Chassis assembly 4. Deceleration system 5. Clutch 6. Joystick 7. Walking wheel 8. Support roller 9. Mixing drum 10. Electrical control box 11. Cover 12. Water supply system 13. Feeding mechanism

1. Concrete Drum

The mixing drum is the most important part of the concrete mixer. The mixing drum has a double cone shape. There are two pairs of high and low blades welded in the cylinder, which are arranged crosswise. The axis of the mixing drum is also at a certain angle. When the mixing drum rotates, the blades lift the material. At the same time, it also makes the material move back and forth axially. Therefore, the mixing movement is relatively strong. Generally speaking, the homogeneous concrete can be reached after 35 to 45 seconds of mixing.

Concrete Drum
Concrete Drum

Inside the discharge cone of the mixing drum, a pair of discharge blades are welded to change the rotation direction of the pull cylinder, and the concrete is pushed from the low blade to the discharge blade and discharged out of the cylinder.

There are four supporting wheels in the mixing drum. The mixing drum is driven by the motor through the gearbox to rotate the gear ring. Thus, it can still work reliably in foggy and rainy weather without influence.

2. Feeding mechanism

The feeding mechanism is composed of the hopper, climbing ladder, extension rail and landing rail.

Feeding System
Feeding System

The lifting and climbing actions of the feed hopper are driven by the output shaft of the gear reduction box through the feed clutch and the wire rope reel at the shaft end, and the clutch is controlled by the manual joystick. The upper limit position of the hopper is automatically disengaged by the limit device.

3. Transmission System

The gearbox of the transmission system is two-stage cylindrical gear. The forward and reverse rotation of the mixing drum is realized by the commutation.

Transmission system
Transmission System
Water supply system
Water Supply System

4. Water Supply System

The water supply system include motor, water pump, regulating valve and pipeline.

After the motor is energized, the water pump can directly inject water into the mixing drum, and adjust the flow of water through the adjustment valve (the flow has been adjusted properly at the factory). The amount of water required for mixing is directly controlled by the time relay in the electrical box to control the running time of the pump motor.

Placement of Drum Cement Mixer

The construction site should be level and the foundation should be solid. After the machine is in place, lower the four legs. A wooden block can be placed under the legs. Insert the bolt into the appropriate hole and install the safety lock spring. Adjust the machine to a horizontal position, or the outlet is slightly lower. Moreover, the landing track at the bottom of the ladder must be padded. The tires need to be padded to enhance the stability of the mixer machine.

Choose AIMIX

There are many concrete mixer manufacturers in China. Why to choose AIMIX?

First, we have rich manufacturing experience over 30 years. Mature skills and technology can ensure quality of manufacturing. Second, we have gained CE certificates to guarantee the machine’s reliability and performance. Last but not the least, we have considerate after-sales service team for our global customers. More importantly, our concrete mixer price is also attractive and competitive. Any interest, please contact us right now: market11@aimixgroup.com. Or leaving a message in the following chart. Then we will reply you soonest!

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