Exporting Aimix ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix Pump to The Philippines

Good news! Aimix exported another unit of ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump to the Philippines market in September 2022. Until now, Aimix has exported over 15 sets of concrete pumps to the Philippines customer in 2022. Here are some testing and loading pictures and videos taken in the factory. Browse them below!

ABJZ40C Mixing Pump Loading in Aimix Factory

How Did The Client Find Aimix?

1. Because Aimix has many concrete pumps working at the construction site in the Philippines. One time, the customer ever saw the Aimix mixer pump work well on-site.

2. Later he searched for Aimix concrete mixer pump and found Aimix’s official website in the Philippines.

3. Then he called our sales through the phone number shown on the website. After communication, he requested a quote for different models of mixer pumps for sale, including ABJZ30C(D) and ABJZ40C(D).

Why Did The Customer Buy The ABJZ40C Model?

Among the models ABJZ30C(D) and ABJZ40C(D), he chose to buy the ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixing and pumping machine finally. Why did he choose the ABJZ40C model? Here are the main reasons. Check them below.

1. At the construction sites, there is not enough electricity supply. Therefore, the concrete pump with a diesel engine is the first choice.

Testing ABJZ40C Concrete Mix Pump Before Delivery
Loading ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump to The Container

2. The customer is a construction contractor in Manila, Philippines. He has owned several kinds of construction projects which also can use concrete mixer pumps for construction. The capacity of 30 cubic meters may be suitable for current building construction projects. But in the long run, he decided to purchase a larger capacity concrete pump machine for various projects in the future.

3. He visited the working status of Aimix ABJZ40C mixer pumps on-site nearby before making an order and was satisfied with the quality and performance. In addition, the ABJZ40C models were the most favorite model in the Philippines market.

Concrete Pumping Pipelines
Electric Controlling System of ABJZ40C

For the above reasons, he decided to buy the ABJZ40C concrete mix pump for his personnel projects.

If you also interested in Aimix ABJZ40C mixer pump for sale, please contact us without any doubts! Our sales will reply to you as soon as possible after you send an inquiry!

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