Factors Affecting The Production Efficiency Of The Concrete Batching Plant

There are many factors that affect the production efficiency of concrete batching plants for sale, like human factors, transporting truck dispatch, raw material supply, time, etc. Among them, time is one of the most important factors. Feeding time, mixing time, and discharging time, these three times are the three-time nodes that affect the production efficiency of the mixing plant. Checking the factors below.

Concrete Batching Plant Working Efficiency

Time Affecting The Production Efficiency Of Concrete Batching Plant

  • First of all, during the use process, the butterfly valve and related electrical components should be checked regularly to ensure the smooth operation of the mechanism. Besides, check whether the connection between the powder hopper and the mixer is smooth, and ensure that the feeding time is normal;
  • Secondly, check the integrity of the inner blade liner of the mixer, the position where the raw materials are put in, the time period for putting in, and whether there is a shaft holding phenomenon that affects the mixing effect and time;
  • Thirdly, it is generally used to increase the capacity of the concrete hopper or design the concrete hopper as a storage container to reduce the discharge time.
  • According to the production capacity and transportation distance of the commercial concrete batching plant, enough transport trucks should be equipped so that too much commercial concrete mixture produced can’t be transported in time and affect the progress of the construction project.

Production Efficiency Of The Concrete Batching Plant

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and manage the commercial concrete batching plant frequently and keep the equipment in working condition. In addition, the operator should check the potential safety hazards in time during daily maintenance, and eliminate them to ensure the work of the commercial concrete mixing plant.

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