How Much is A Concrete Pump?

How much is a concrete pump? How much does concrete pumping cost? Almost every purchaser would consider this issue because the concrete pump cost will influence their decision of whether to buy or not. The concrete pump cost depends on many factors which involve its classifications, functions, manufacturing and exporting. You should have a better understanding of them first.

How Much is A Concrete Pump?

Firstly, we discuss it from its classifications. There are four kinds of concrete pumps for sale in the market: trailer concrete pump, concrete mixer pump and concrete pump truck and truck mounted concrete pump. In Aimix, we mainly supply former three kinds of concrete pump equipment. Therefore, we do a simple comparison of their prices.

The prices of them can be shown as following:

Concrete pump truck cost > concrete mixer pump price > trailer pump price

Comparing concrete mixer pump and trailer pump, obviously, mixer pump price is a little higher than trailer pump. Because mixing pump is a multi functional pumping machine which combines concrete mixing and pumping together. It equals to two machine: concrete mixer and concrete pump. Thus, it is acceptable the higher price. While, as we all know, concrete pump truck is bigger than mixer and trailer pump in size. Moreover, it has obvious advantages of pumping distance. Therefore, it is apparent that the price is much higher than other pumps. Let’s check some detailed reasons about its higher cost.


"Concrete Mixer Pump

"Concrete Pump Truck

How Much does A Concrete Pump Truck Cost?

How much is a concrete pump truck? Why does the concrete pump truck cost more than ordinary concrete pump? There are several reasons that make a concrete pump truck way more expensive than a standard concrete pump.

The first important reason is that concrete pumps are simply used to transport liquid concrete to the work site. It requires hauling, plumbing, brackets, and many other tools and accessories.

On the other hand, concrete pump trucks are self-sufficient. The pump is already installed on a truck or trailer and does not even need a pipeline. Needless to say, although you need to buy additional tools and accessories that use standard concrete pumps, concrete pump trucks have everything you need. As a result, pump trucks are more expensive.

Concrete Pump Truck
Concrete Pump Truck

Boom Pump
Boom Pump

If you thought cost is a big problem, you can choose other kinds of concrete pumps to apply for construction projects. If you have ant question about concrete pump cost, warmly welcome to consult our sale for details:

Other Factors Affecting Concrete Pumping Cost

Craft manufacturing cost

Why concrete pump prices varies in the market? One of the biggest reasons is that the manufacturer has adopted different manufacturing skills to produce equipment. In addition, they also have used various quality of raw materials, especially for frayed elements. If the manufacturers adopt wear-resistant material, it can keep longer service life. Otherwise, the machine is out of work easily. Furthermore, manufacturing experience is also significant. Taking AIMIX for example, Aimix is a reliable concrete pump manufacturer which has owned over 30 years’ manufacturing experience. We have mature experience of production and always keep upgrading our machine to improve its efficiency. Besides, we have got CE certificate to ensure equipment quality.


Delivery Cost

Most manufacturer will not bear the delivery cost for customers. Therefore, if you choose to buy concrete pump abroad, it is necessary to take all cost yourself. The further places you choose to buy one, the higher transporting fee you should bear. It is better make budget estimating in advance.



After-sales service Cost

As we all know, it is important for equipment to have after-sales service. Because it can save you a lot of time to solve the problems. Some exporter claims they will not provide after-sales service freely. It means that customers would be faced with troubles when concrete pumping machine is broken off. It will spend extra much money to maintain it. While, if providing considerate service, everything become easier. That’s why a lot of customers prefer to buy one from manufacturers those who is glad to offer after-sales service for them. For Aimix Group, we certainly can provide best after-sales service for our global clients. Four times every year visiting customers and checking equipment.

Mixer pump After-sales Service
Mixer pump After-sales Service
Trailer Pump Maintenance
Trailer Pump Maintenance

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