How To Minimize Component Wear And Tear In Concrete Self Loading Mixer?

Self loading concrete mixers strive for efficient operations during construction to maximize their benefits. Repairing equipment due to faults can significantly increase costs. Component wear and tear is a common occurrence in the operation of self loading concrete mixers. So, how to minimize it? Here are some advice for reference.

Minimize Component Wear And Tear In Concrete Self Loading Mixer

Ways To Minimize Component Wear And Tear In Concrete Self Loading Mixer

Control of Additional Load

The additional load of concrete machinery equipment has a significant impact on component wear. The wear of components intensifies as the load increases. When the self loading mixer bears a load beyond its design capacity, component wear accelerates. Therefore, reasonable controlling of the additional load the concrete self loading mixer is crucial for mitigating wear and tear.

Ensure Timely Cleaning to Reduce The Impact of Mechanical Impurities on the Mixer

Mechanical impurities include dust, soil, metal shavings, grease, and other substances that accumulate on the surface of the equipment during operation. These impurities can increase friction, fuel consumption, and damage the lubricating film, leading to surface abrasion.

Avoid Component Wear And Tear In Concrete Self Loading Mixer

Prevent Corrosion of Components in Self-loading Mixers

Corrosion of components is sometimes difficult to detect and can be easily overlooked, posing significant risks. Chemical substances present in rainwater, air, and other sources can infiltrate the machinery through pipelines and gaps, causing corrosion. Corroded components accelerate wear and exacerbate equipment faults. Therefore, managers and operators should consider weather conditions and site conditions to minimize the impact of chemical corrosion on the components.

Control of Reasonable Temperature of Self Loader Mixer Parts

During operation, the temperature of each component has its own normal range. Too high or too low temperature will affect the strength of the parts, so it is necessary to cooperate with coolant and lubricating oil to control the temperature of some parts so that they can operate within a reasonable temperature range.

Many mechanical equipment failures are often caused by component wear, and self loading mobile concrete mixers are no exception during their operational lifespan. Therefore, reducing wear on equipment components during use can effectively prevent mechanical equipment failures during operation.

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