How to Operate A Concrete Pump?

At the construction sites, the concrete pump is a vital tool that efficiently transports concrete to the destinations. However, how to operate a concrete pump is the basic skill for operators. They requires knowledge to ensure the job is carried out safely and smoothly. Indeed, how to operate concrete pump correctly can bring great benefits. Check its importance of concrete pump operation.

How to operate a concrete pump

Why Is It Important to Operate A Concrete Pump Correctly?

Here are some reasons for operating a concrete pump machine rightly. It benefits for not only operators and equipment, but also the whole construction projects.

Ensure Operators’ Safety

Incorrect concrete pump operation can pose significant safety risks to both operators and other workers on the construction site. Ensuring that the concrete pump is operated correctly reduces the likelihood of accidents, injuries, or fatalities.

Concrete Pump Protection

The concrete pumps are expensive pieces of machinery for construction work, and improper operation can lead to damage or premature wear and tear. Operating the pump correctly helps protect the equipment, reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements.

Efficient Working

Proper operation of a concrete pump ensures that concrete is delivered consistently and evenly, resulting in a higher quality finished product. In addition, it can speed up the construction progress. It is crucial for quality of the construction projects.

Overall, Knowing how to operate a concrete pump correctly is important in the construction industry. Next, you can check the right concrete pump operation procedures.

Concrete Pump Operation

Rightly Operating A Concrete Pump – Step by Step Guidance

In the market, there are three kinds of concrete pumps for sale, including concrete trailer pump, concrete mixer pump, and concrete pump truck. In general, before starting the pumping, it is necessary to do some preparation and checks to ensure safety.

Do Checks Before Concrete Pumping

Checking the Whole Machine

Operates should carefully check the oil level, hydraulic hose fittings, permanent seat, disconnect electrical components, waste inside the hopper.

checking before concrete pump operation
concrete pump checks
check AIMIX concrete pump before operation

Electric Checking

Checking the voltage, whether cable clamp can meet the request, whether ground connection and neutral protection.

Turn on control line switch, power indicator light and PLC module electrify, observe the indicator lights on the module.

Respectively press the button pumping, anti-plump, inching, vibrate, mixing on the control panel, observe the PLC input & output signals.

How to Operate A Trailer Concrete Pump?

How to Operate A Trailer Concrete Pump

  1. Start concrete pump and keep idle running. After 3-5minutes idle running, turn on the button of pumping, the diesel engine rotating speed automatically rose to about 1800-2000 r/min, entering to the trailer concrete pump working condition.
  2. Pumping water: first, pump one or two hopper water in order to humidify the pipe, hopper and concrete cylinder.
  3. Pumping mortar: pumping 0.2m3 pure cement paste, then add the 1:2 ratio martar, to make the whole concrete conveying flow get lubricated and then can pumping concrete.
  4. Pumping concrete: when the mortar oddments is above the mixing axle, add the concrete and start pumping.

How to Operate Mixer Pump?

Compared with the trailer concrete pumps, the concrete mixer pump has additional mixing function. Therefore, there is a concrete mixer drum in the equipment. Check how to operate the cement mixer pump below.

How to Operate Mixer Pump

  1. Start off the mixing motor, the mixing drum work.
  2. To lift after add aggregate into the hopper, the hopper should be able to stake ans can stay on the track at any position.
  3. When the hopper lift to the discharging position, the door should begin discharging fast and clean. When the hopper continue rising, the upper travel switch working and the hopper stop. The hopper should be smooth,no jam.
  4. Discharging the concrete mixture into the hopper of the concrete mixer pump, then the mixture would be pumped to the construction sites under the high pressure.
  5. Put in some stone and clean water before shutdown, mixing 5-10 minutes, then discharging to remove the sediments.

Concrete Mixer Pump Operation Cautions During Working

The mixing aggregate shall not exceed the prescribed value.

In the progress of lifting aggregate should add the water timely,to reduce the mixing time and dust.

No maintenance and lubrication during working.

Put hopper in the transport system of position and will fight peg. Inside the hopper cannot be stored material.

How to Operate A Concrete Boom Pump?

Different with the above two kinds of concrete pumps, the concrete boom pump is the large-sized concrete pumping machine. In general, it is mounted on the truck and with long booms to place concrete mixture flexibly. Due to its special design, the concrete boom pump operations have requirements for the construction sites and the long booms. Check the requirements first.

How To Operate A Boom Pump
How To Operate A Concrete Boom Pump

Construction Site Requirements

  • Flat and stable ground to ensure the stability of the pump truck.
  • Sufficient space allows the boom to be deployed and operated freely without collision or restriction.
  • Stay away from obstacles such as buildings, power lines, trees, etc. to ensure that the boom can be fully extended and operated.
  • The ground must be solid enough to bear the weight and pressure of the pump truck and prevent the pump truck from sinking or tilting.
  • Good ventilation and access roads to facilitate access and operation of truck mounted concrete pumps and other vehicles.

Boom Operation Precautions

  • The boom can only be operated after confirming that the pump truck legs are properly supported.
  • During operation, all operations of the boom should be within the signalman’s field of vision to prevent the boom from inadvertently injuring people.
  • Prevent the hose from swaying during the movement of the boom and causing concrete to spray out and injure people.
  • Pay attention to the hazards of obstacles within the boom’s moving.

Steps to Operate The Boom Pump Truck

  1. Rotate the key switch to the on position, the control panel indicator light will light up, and shift the gear to the neutral position.
  2. Press “Power Box Power” to power up the system. Press the “Pumping” button to switch to the pumping state, and the pumping indicator light will turn on.
  3. Set the 1:1 gear and switch the electric control box to the remote control state. After the remote control starts the engine, the PTO will automatically take effect. Press the pumping button and the engine will automatically start to increase speed, reach the rated pumping speed, and start pumping.
  4. It is prohibited to use the accelerator pedal in the cab during pumping, otherwise it will cause great harm to the main oil pump of the hydraulic system.
  5. After the work is completed, put it in neutral and press the “Drive” button to switch to driving state.

Cleaning The Concrete Pump After Operation

Cleaning is one of the most important procedures after the concrete pump operation. After pumping is completed, the concrete in the pipes and hoppers should be cleaned, because the residual concrete will cause pipe blockage after solidification.

Cleaning Parts of Concrete Pump Machine

1. Use the sponge ball to clean the delivery pipe.

2. After cleaning the conveyor pipe, open the discharge port of the hopper, discharge the remaining materials, and then install the water gun to clean the hopper, S-pipe, and conveyor cylinder. They should be always keep clean after working.

sponge ball for cleaning concrete pump
Cleaning of Small Boom Pump

After the cleaning is finished, the concrete pump is in a resting state so that it can work better next time. If you have some troubles during the concrete pump operation or want to know more details about how to operate a concrete pump, welcome to contact AIMIX technicians for solutions. Contact us through the following inquiry form, email, and call us right now!

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