Installing Aimix AJ180 Batching Plant in Kuching, Malaysia

Congratulations! In July 2022, One unit of Aimix AJ180 concrete batching plant was installed successfully in Kuching, Malaysia. The installation process was smooth. During the installation, the customer has taken some pictures and videos of the concrete plant on-site. Please check them below.

AJ180 Concrete Plant Installing
Installation of AJ180 Concrete Batch Plant for Sale in Malaysia

Installation of Aimix Batching Plant for Sale in Malaysia

After the customer received the equipment, he decided to install it immediately. Before installation, there are so many preparations to do, such as site foundation, water and electricity supply, installer…… In general, our engineer would customize the design drawing for the concrete batch plant for sale according to the site area. Therefore, the customers just need to do the foundation work according to the concrete plant design drawing.

Installation of Aimix AJ180 Concrete Batch Plant in Malaysia
Installing AJ180 Concrete Batch Plant for Sale in Malaysia

For the sold concrete plant, Aimix provides considerate after-sales service. Thus, we have arranged for the local engineer to install and test the concrete mixing plant at the construction site. Due to its large size, it takes a relatively long time to install. Besides, the concrete batching plant for sale has passed the testing process after installation work. The customer in Malaysia was satisfied with Aimix best after-sales service team and high-quality concrete plant machine. Now, it is working normally on-site.

AJ180 Concrete Plant for Commercial Concrete Business

Among all concrete plants for sale, the AJ180 belongs to a large one that is suitable for long-term investment. Thus, a lot of customers in Malaysia would like to invest in one for commercial concrete business, including this customer. Because he has owned a company selling commercial concrete and bricks in local places. To expand his business, it is better to buy a large concrete mixing plant to produce a generous amount of concrete. The AJ180 ready mix plant can totally satisfy his demands. Thus, he chose to buy it finally.

Installing Aimix AJ180 Batching Plant in Kuching, Malaysia

If you also wanna invest in one for your own commercial concrete business, welcome to contact us for concrete plant details. We would recommend the suitable one for investment. Contact our sales right now through email and WhatsApp!

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