JZR750 Diesel Concrete Mixer Was Delivered to Kenya

Aimix JZR750 diesel concrete mixer was exported to Kenya in December 2021. It is the first time for this customer to buy a concrete mixer from abroad – China. Therefore, in the beginning, he chose a lot of manufacturers to check the price list online. He found our products on Alibaba and tries to contact our sales.

JZR750 Diesel Concrete Mixer Was Delivered to Kenya

After communicating with our sale, he chose to request a quote on JZR750 model of diesel concrete mixer, which can be better match for his construction project. After the comparison of different manufacturers, finally he decided to purchase our concrete mixer. The simple reason is that we could provide considerate after-sales service for the equipment. While other manufacturers can’t.

Delivering Aimix JZR750 Diesel Concrete Mixer to Kenya
JZR750 Diesel Concrete Mixer Kenya

Besides, we have shown our CE and ISO certificates. Also, our sales guided him to visit our factory online. More importantly, we exported self loading concrete mixers to Kenya before. The customer was satisfied with our patience, specialty, and strength. Thus, he chose to cooperate with us!

Apart from the ordinary drum concrete mixer, Aimix has manufactured self loading type for choices. A lot of Kenya customer would like to buy the new self loading mixer for construction. There are some models for choices: AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5 and AS-6.5. If you wanna get a quotation, welcome to contact us for a quotation! Contact Email: market11@aimixgroup.com.

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