Mini Cement Mixer

Mini cement mixer is tiny concrete mixing machine which just needs one or two yards of concrete at one time. With mini size, light weight, simple structure, it is well-received among customers. Moreover, equipped with tires, it is convenient to drag with chassis mounted. Although with tiny size, the concrete mini mixer has the same strong mixing effect, which can work efficiently on construction sites. In general, investors would like purchase one for self using, especially for house building, or roads construction and repair. Well, in order to meet various customers’ construction requirements, AIMIX has launched several kinds of mini concrete mixers for clients. Let’s check together.

Mini Cement Mixer
Mini Cement Mixer

Aimix Mini Cement Mixer for Sale

According to engine, mini mixers concrete have been divided into diesel concrete mixer mini and mini electric cement mixer.

In terms of mixing way, there are two kinds of mini cement mixers. One is rotating concrete mixer – JZC series drum concrete mixer, the other is compulsory concrete mixer – JD series and JS series mixers.

While, about the drum mixer, AIMIX also has manufactured new generation of mixer with drum – AS series mini self loading mixer, which capacities including 1.2 m3, 1.8m3 and 2.6 m3. Welcome to select the ideal one to match with your construction projects! Any question, please consult our sale for mini concrete mixer details:

JZC350 drum concrete mixer

JZC350 Drum Concrete Mixer

JZC500 mini cement mixer

JZC500 Mini Concrete Mixer

JS500 Mini Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

JS500 Mini Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

JS750 mini twin shaft mixer

JS750 Twin Shaft Mixer

AS-1.2 Mini Self Loading Mixer

AS-1.2 Mini Self Loading Mixer

AS-1.8 Mini Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-1.8 Mini Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Features of Our Mini Concrete Mixer for Sale

Investing into our mini mixer concrete is worthy. Because we make high-grade mini concrete mixture machine for our customers with great features:

1. Long service life: for mixing blade, we have used wear-resistant materials to prolong its life span.

2. Low maintenance: Aimix has adopted advanced foreign core components to keep stable performance. Therefore, it won’t be out of work generally. In this case can the cement mixer mini help save maintenance cost.

3. Easy control: automatic control or manual control is available on our equipment. Thus, it is easy for users to operate.

4. Less power consumption: our engineer is always upgrading our mixer to improve its performance and reduce its power consumption.

Mini Concrete Mixer for Sale
Mini Concrete Mixer for Sale

Details of Mini Concrete Mixer Machine

Here I will introduce you some components of our equipment taking JZC series concrete mixer for example.

Feeding System

The feeding system of the automatic JZC concrete mixer is composed of a captive mechanism, feeding rack, hopper, feeding funnel, etc.

The upper and lower limits of the hopper are controlled by the switch. The 2 upper limit switches are installed on the upper material rack, which respectively limit and protect the rising of the hopper.

Mixing system

It is composed of mixing drum, supporting wheel and transmission system.

The structure of the mixing drum of the JZC350 concrete mixer is simplified as a double cone, and high and low blades are welded in the cylinder, forming a certain angle with the mixing shaft. As the mixing drum rotates, the blades make the material rise and fall at the same time as the axial reciprocating stirring. Therefore, the mixer has better mixing effect. The mixing time is about 30-40 seconds.

Inside the discharge cone of the concrete mixer drum, a pair of discharge blades are welded. After the concrete is mixed, the rotation direction of drum is changed. Besides, the concrete is discharged from the discharge cone through the bottom blade and the discharge blade.

Concrete Mixing System
Concrete Mixing System


The four corners of mini portable cement mixer chassis are equipped with adjustable height legs. When the mixer is working, the legs should be supported firmly to ensure the machine stable. When towing, the outriggers should be stowed in their high position and fixed with bolts, and the front support wheels should be turned upside down and hung.

About Mini Concrete Mixer Price

Aimix Group is one of reliable and top-rated concrete mixer manufacturer and supplier. We promise to produce high-quality equipment for our customers. Most customers are curious about our mini concrete mixer price. They guess that the quality machine must be sold with expensive price.

Actually, our concrete mixer price is more competitive and cost-effective than others. Because we have our own factory and engineer. Manufacturing it by ourselves can lower the cost. Therefore, we always keep the price highly affordable.

Due to various concrete mixer models, the prices are also diverse. If you are interested in our equipment, please consult us for machine details:

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