Mixer Pump, Batching Machine and Backhoe Were Exported to Cayman Islands

Congratulation, Aimix exported three kinds of construction machines to the Cayman Islands in early August 2022. These machines include one set of concrete mixer pump, one unit of concrete batching machine, and a backhoe. And the customer is expected to receive them by the end of August 2022. Mainly he bought the machines for rental service in the Cayman Islands. Let’s check the collaboration below.

Mixer Pump, Batching Machine and Backhoe Were Exported to Cayman Islands

Why Customer Choose Construction Machine Collaboration?

After communicating with the customer, we knew that he requested high-quality concrete mixture production. Besides, it had to improve working efficiency after using the machine. Therefore, we have recommended a new scheme of construction machine collaboration. He has taken our advice after serious consideration! Here are two reasons why he decided to buy the collaboration.

1. High quality and high efficiency. Using the concrete batching machine to weigh the material can improve the quality of the concrete mixture. Besides, the combination of loader and concrete batcher can improve the feeding speed and working efficiency.

1. Cost-effective machines. Because he bought the machine for his rental business. It could greatly improve working efficiency after his customer rents the collaboration. Moreover, we have helped him to analyze how long would he get the return. He was satisfied with the quick returns. Thus, he decided to choose them without any doubts.

2. Save transportation costs. These machines could be loaded into one 40HQ container. He just needed to pay for one container transporting fee, which saved a lot of transporting costs.

Delivering Mixer Pump, Batching Machine and Backhoe to Cayman Islands

Collaboration Used in Other Countries

We have exported many sets of collaborations to global customers since launched. All of the customers thought highly of Aimix machines and got some returns after investment. Here are some working pictures and videos of the collaborations at the construction sites. The collaboration has many options, like concrete mixer pump and batching machine, cement mixer pump and wheel loader. Browse them below.

Batching Machine + Mixer Pump Working in Indonesia for Seaside Work

Concrete Batching Machine + Mixer Pump Working in Indonesia
Batching Machine + Mixer Pump Working in Indonesia

Wheel Loader + Concrete Mixing Pump Working in Jamaica for House Construction

If you wanna get more information about Aimix construction machine collaboration, welcome to contact us right now! Leave your requirements in the inquiry form! Then our sales would reply to you soon!

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