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Mobile Concrete Mixer with Pump

Mobile concrete mixer with pump is a kind of modern construction machinery for concrete mixing and pumping. It is known for its convenient movement. In comparison with mobile concrete pump, mixer pump is more advanced. For the one hand, it has more functions. For the other hand, it has more wide applications. Thus, it is more popular. When it works, concrete get into the mixing system first, and go through the pumping system, later they are sent to the destination with the help of delivery pipes.

Mobile Concrete Mixer with Pump
Mobile Concrete Mixer with Pump

Strong Points of Beston Mobile Mixer Pump

It is usually known for its moving convenience. It is universally acknowledged that concrete mixer pump is the combination of mixer and pump, thus it usually has a larger total weight. In order to make it move easier, our company try to use high-quality intentional wear-resistant components to reduce weight.

What’s more, our mixer pumps belong to trailer mounted concrete pumps. When it’s time to change the construction site, you can move it conveniently under the influence of a motor tractor. Compared with stationary concrete pump, it can largely save time.

In addition, as one excellent mobile concrete mixer with pump suppliers, we have gone through technological innovation and made each system more effective, such as hydraulic system, electric control system, mechanical system, lubrication system and cooling system. For example, we adopt double open hydraulic loops with two pumps, high-low pressure switch, wire remote equipment, etc.

Last but not least, we can offer you a reasonable concrete pump machine price. Price is the key factor which can decide whether to buy it. Many customers choose us because of its attractive price and perfect performance. Up to now, our mobile pumps have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Pakistan,Philippines, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia etc.

Mobile Concrete Mixer Pumps Work at Abroad
Mobile Concrete Mixer Pumps Work at Abroad

Types of Beston Mobile Cement Concrete Pump

Mobile concrete mixer pump usually includes diesel type and electric type.
As you can see, our company can provide you with three types of pumps based on different output: HBT0804-JZC200 series, JBS30 series and JBS40 series. And each series contain diesel type and electric type.


HBT0804-JZC200 is a kind of small concrete mobile pump. With its compact appearance and flexibility, this small concrete pumps with mixer are very popular in the market. You can choose electric or diesel type as you like.

B. JBS30 series

This series has a maximum theoretical concrete output of 30 m3/h. The diesel type of JBS30 series is JBS30-10-62R. And the electric type of JBS30 series is JBS30-10-37.

C.JBS40 series

The maximum theoretical concrete output of JBS40 series is 40m3/h. Its diesel type is JBS40-10-82R.


Rated Output(m3/h):8

Max. Pressure On Concrete(Mpa): 10

Maximum Delivery Horizontal Distance(m):300

Maximum Delivery Vertical Distance(m):100

Mixing Time(s) : 45-60

JBS30 series
JBS30 series

Rated Output(m3/h):30

Max. Pressure On Concrete(Mpa): 10

Oil Tank Capacity(L): 350

Capacity of Charge(L):560

Capacity of Discharge(L):350

JBS40 series
JBS40 series

Rated Output(m3/h):40

Max. Pressure On Concrete(Mpa): 10

Oil Tank Capacity(L): 350

Maximum Delivery Horizontal Distance: 600

Maximum Delivery Vertical Distance:150

Specific Parameters

1. Diesel mixer pump

Rated Outputm3/h83040
Max. Pressure On ConcreteMpa101010
Delivery CylindermmФ140×1000Ф140×1100Ф160×800
Oil Tank CapacityL270350350
Outlet Opening DiametermmФ100Ф100Ф125
Inner Dia. of Delivery PipemmФ80Ф100/80Ф125
Diesel PowerKW29.46282
Max. Diameter Of Aggregatesmm2020/3020/30
Maximum Delivery Horizontal DistanceM300600600
Maximum Delivery Vertical DistanceM100120150
Capacity of ChargeL200560560
Capacity of DischargeL300350350
Water Pump Motor Control/ElectromagneticElectromagneticElectromagnetic
Diameter of Drummm100014401440
Mixing Times45-6045-6045-60

2. Electric mixer pump

Max. theo. concrete outputm3/h8-103040
Max.concrete pumping pressureMpa101013
Concrete cylinder diameter x strokemmΦ140×1000Φ140×845Φ160×1200
Hopper capacityL400400400
Outlet diametermmΦ100Φ100Φ125
Electrical engineering powerKw18.53745
Rotate speedr/min148023002300
Circuit type/open circuitopen circuitopen circuit
Pumping system pressureMpa282828
Capacity of oil tankL370350370
The biggest transportation


Max. aggregate diametermmscree20Scree20Scree:30,20
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ80Φ100-Φ80Φ125
Total weightKg320040004500
Max Theoretical Conveying Capacitym3/h4040
Max Exit PressureMpa88
Concrete Cylinder bore * strokemmΦ200×1000Φ200×1000
Hydraulic Oil Tank VolumeL370370
Exit DiametermmΦ180Φ180
Conveying Pipe Inner DiametermmΦ125Φ125
Electric engineering powerKW4545
Max Aggregate SizemmScree: 40 50Scree: 40 50
Max Horizontal Conveying DistanceM500500
Max Vertical Conveying DistanceM120120
Mixer ModelJS500JS750
Input VolumeL8001200
Output VolumeL500750
Theory productivityM3/h2535
Overall Dimension (L*W*H)mm6000x2300x31506000x2300x3150

Construction Details for Mobile Concrete Mixer with Pump

After you purchasing our mixer pump, there are five construction details that you should mention.

1. Before working, make sure that there is no obstacle high voltage line within the action range of pipelines.

2. The laying line of horizontal pumping pipes should be close to a straight line, which has less bending. Make sure that conveying pipes and clamps are firm and reliable, thus they can withstand the horizontal thrust generated by the transmission process.

3. Do not connect the vertical pipe to the output port of the mixing pump directly. Instead, you should at first install a horizontal tube with a length of over 10 centimeters in the front end of vertical pipe.

4. It is necessary to monitor various instruments and indicators at any time. Therefore, you can adjust abnormal situation in a timely manner.

5. The pumping process should be a continuous operation. Provided that you must stop for a while, it will be better to run it every five to ten minutes. If the stopping time is too long, the machine should pump one or two strokes reversely at first, and then pump forward. The hopper should always maintain a certain amount of concrete in the course of pumping, and it shall not be empty in work.

You can view more construction details from working video of our mobile concrete pump.

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