Construction Machine in AIMIX
Mixer Tank of Self Loding Mixer in AIMIX

The Problem Of Mixing Drum Of Self-Load Mixer Rotating Only In One Direction

During the operation of the self-loading concrete mixer truck, two situations generally occur in the mixing tank. One is that the mixing tank cannot rotate at all, and the other is that the mixing tank can only rotate in one direction. The former cannot rotate as described in detail in the previous article. This time …

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checking mixer drum of self loading mixer truck

How to Deal with It If The Mixing Drum of Self Loading Mixer Cannot Rotate?

In the fields of construction and engineering, self-loading concrete mixers are widely utilized for the process of mixing fresh concrete mixture. However, there are instances during the usage of self-loading concrete mixers where the mixing drum might fail to rotate. The issue can potentially lead to work disruptions and production delays. Here I have explored …

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self loading mixer transit concrete for sale

Introduction of Self Loading Mixer Blending Capacity

In AIMIX, there are different models of self loading mixers for sale, such as AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. Indeed, the model is named after the the theoretical volume of mixed concrete mixture. Here are the examples: AS-4.0: Stirring capacity 4m3 AS-3.5: Mixing capacity 3.5m3 AS-2.6: Stirring capacity 2.6m3 AS-1.8: Blending capacity 1.8m3 …

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50m Boom Pump Truck for Sale

Standards of The Concrete Pump Truck Operation

As we all know, it is significant for users to strictly abide by the regulations when using concrete pump trucks. The concrete pump truck is a kind of large-scale mechanical equipment. If it is not operated according to the regulations, it may cause accidents and endanger the lives of workers and on-site personnel. Check reasons …

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Concrete Batching Plant Production Efficiency

Factors Affecting The Production Efficiency Of The Concrete Batching Plant

There are many factors that affect the production efficiency of concrete batching plants for sale, like human factors, transporting truck dispatch, raw material supply, time, etc. Among them, time is one of the most important factors. Feeding time, mixing time, and discharging time, these three times are the three-time nodes that affect the production efficiency …

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boom pump cleaning

Cleaning Method of Delivery Pump of Small Concrete Pump Truck

After the small concrete pump truck finish delivering, it is necessary to carefully clean the hopper and the delivery pipeline system. If the residual concrete in the concrete cylinder is not cleaned cleanly, it will solidify on the cylinder wall. When the piston runs again, the sealing surface of the piston will directly bear the …

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Concrete Pump Pipes

Ways to Avoid The Concrete Pump Pipe Blockage

The main factors affecting the permeability of concrete are types of cement, admixtures and admixtures, slump, aggregate gradation, shape, particle size, and mix ratio. When determining the mix ratio of pumped concrete, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of pipeline pressure and deal with it in terms of cement dosage, slump, slump loss, setting …

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Cleaning of Concrete Pump Pipe

Common Concrete Pump Causes of Pipe Blockage

Anyone who is engaged in engineering knows that pipe blockage will inevitably occur during the process of pumping concrete. Generally, as long as it is operated according to the specifications, there will generally be no pipe blockage. How did the pipe blockage happen? The following factors may cause the pipe blockage of the concrete pump. …

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ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Pump and Mixer in Guatemala

Main Superiority of AIMIX Concrete Mixer Pump Performance

Nowadays, the AIMIX concrete mixer with pump for sale is popular among global customers who have requirements for concrete mixing and pumping. Until now, We have exported over 200 units of mixer pumps to clients. Most of the clients think highly of the AIMIX concrete mixer pump, especially for its performance. Besides, the service life …

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Breaking News: The “Circle Battle” in Aimix Group

This month, all of our staffs of Aimix Group(more than 200 people) have a special activity—- Circle Battle. It is a violent competition between many export company and all the sales staff in a company. All the salesman/ salesgirl will try their best to have their best achievements during the next two months. Therefore, all …

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