Peru Customer Feedback of Aimix ABT80D Electric Concrete Pump

Goog news! Customer in Peru have positive feedback of Aimix ABT80D electric concrete pump in August 2021. He has taken some pictures and videos of concrete pumping construction site. Check them below.

Aimix ABT80D Electric Concrete Pump
Concrete Pump in Peru
Electric Concrete Pump for Tunnel Construction in Peru

The customer bought the electric concrete pump for his tunnel construction project. It can pump the concrete mixture where it is difficult to reach. He chose a larger capacity concrete pump to meet the large size of construction project. In this way, the concrete pump can help improve working efficiency greatly. In addition, it has reduced a lot of labour and time. Customer was so satisfied with our equipment that he would plan to make another order in the future if necessary.

Compared with diesel concrete pump for sale, the electric concrete pump is powered by electricity. Thus, it is necessary to keep enough electricity supplying at the construction sites during working process. That’s also why customer choose to buy the electric engine concrete pump. Let’s check the advantages of using electric concrete pumps for sale.

Concrete Pump for Tunnel Construction in Peru
Construction Site of Aimix Electric Concrete Pump in Peru
Aimix Concrete Pump in Peru

Advantages of Using Electric Concrete Pump

On the one hand, the electric cement pump for sale have compact structure. It can work directly at the construction sites, allowing the contractors to combine the concrete on-site. It is far faster and cost-effective than transporting the concrete from another places, which can dramatically increase efficiency.

On the other hand, electric concrete pump can also be quieter than diesel ones. Diesel engine concrete pumps are usually extremely noisy to operate. Picking an electrical concrete pump machine might help maintain the noise level at the construction site down whenever possible.

In many instances, electric pumps are also more cost effective than other types of pumps. It can reduce the environmental impact of construction project.

Therefore, choosing an electric concrete pump is also deserved. In Aimix, we can provide customers with 40, 60 and 80 m3/h capacity electric cement pump. Welcome to contact us for best concrete pump price! Email: WhatsApp: +8615637392580.

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