Philippines Customer Feedback On Aimix ABT40C Stationary Pumpcrete Working

Recently one set of Aimix ABT40C stationary pumpcrete has been working normally at the construction site after it was installed and debugged successfully. The customer has sent us positive feedback on the concrete pumping machine. He has thumped up Aimix machine that improved working efficiency, Besides, he has taken several pictures of Aimix ABT40C diesel concrete pump working on-site. Check them below.

Aimix ABT40C Stationary Pumpcrete Working

ABT40C Stationary Pumpcrete Philippines for Factory House Construction Project

The customer bought the concrete pump equipment for his own factory projects. Mainly, he wanted to build several houses to expand the factory. He has dragged the trailer concrete pump to the construction site through the tractor. Before putting it into use, it is necessary for him to test and debug the diesel concrete pump to ensure its performance. Then the trailer concrete pump began to work.

Stationary Pumpcrete Working On-site

As the picture shows, the concrete mixer truck would pour the fresh concrete mixture into the hopper of the concrete pump. Then, it would be delivered to the construction site through the high-pressure concrete pump. Actually, the equipment has saved a lot of labor, time, and costs for the customer, especially the maintenance costs. Well, if the customer can pay more attention to the operation, such as cleaning after one day of work, he can save some costs on maintenance.

Cleaning of Concrete Pumping Machine

Concrete pump cleaning is one of the important steps after the concrete pump finishes the pumping work. If not, it would directly affect tomorrow’s normal work because the left concrete mixture in the concrete pumping pipes would be solidification leading to blockage. The timely and regular cleaning of the concrete pump machine can ensure its performance, reduce the failure rate, and prolong its service life. Besides, It wouldn’t spend customers too much time cleaning. Moreover, the cleaning method is easy to master. The operator can use a high-pressure water gun or the anti-pumping function to clean the concrete pump machine.

Cleaning of ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump Philippines

Generally, there is a detailed introduction in the operating instructions for reference. If the customer still has problems, he can contact us for help. Aimix after-sales service team would help solve it. Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp. Later our sales would respond to you as soon as possible!

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