Portable Concrete Mixer for Sale

Portable concrete mixer for sale is universal in the market because its popularity among global customers. In general, it is convenient to move with hand holding or trailer dragging. That’s the main reason why customers are fond of it. To be honest, the industrial portable cement mixer for sale plays a significant role in construction industry, such as buildings, bridges, harbors, tunnels, roads construction projects. With advanced technology and mature manufacturing experience, AIMIX has made different kinds of portable concrete mixer machine for clients. You’d better have a better understanding of it before buying portable concrete mixer.

Portable Concrete Mixer for Sale
Portable Concrete Mixer for Sale

AIMIX Best Portable Concrete Mixer for Sale

1. According to shaft, we can divide it into single shaft(JDC series) and twin shaft concrete mixer(JS series).

single shaft portable concrete mixer

single shaft concrete mixer

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

2. In terms of mixing way, there are forced mixing type(JDC and JS series) and free-falling type(JZ series)

3. By engine, there are portable electric cement mixer(JZC and JZM series) and diesel concrete mixer(JZR series).

JZC Series Electric Portable Concrete Mixer

JZC Series Electric Portable Concrete Mixer

JZR Series Diesel Portable Concrete Mixer

JZR Series Diesel Portable Concrete Mixer

4. As for portable concrete mixer capacity, we can provide mini concrete mixer, small portable concrete mixer, medium and large portable concrete mixer. You can select an ideal one according to portable cement mixer capacity needed.

Large Portable Concrete Mixer
Large Portable Concrete Mixer

Features of Using Portable Cement Mixer

1. With small and medium capacity, it can be applicable for many construction projects.

2. Heavy duty channel chassis provides durability and stronger support in the areas where you need it.

3. Hopper lifting model: hydraulic tipping hopper. Steel wire rope hoisting tipping hopper is available.

4. The jack legs can provide maximum stability during the entire mixing process.

5. Tow the chassis with pneumatic wheels.

Special Portable Concrete Mixer Trailer

This is the new production of portable concrete mixer trailer customized for our customers. Now it is also our main concrete mixer for sale. You may be familiar with concrete mixer truck. The portable mixer cement is part of concrete mixer truck without driving room. With drum mixer, it can be dragged by tractor or trailer. The concrete mixer drum capacity ranges from 3 m3 to 12 m3.

Portable Concrete Mixer Trailer
Portable Concrete Mixer Trailer

Obvious Advantages:1. It is equipped with a Weichai famous motor to drive the mixer.

2. The mixer can rotate about 10~16 circles per minute, incharge material about 3m3 and discharging 2 m3.

3. Iron Oil tank provide sufficient fuel for the power system of the mixing tank

About AIMIX Service

1.The complete portable electric concrete cement mixer machine guaranteed for one year. Artificial damage is not covered under warranty;

2. We exported the portable cement concrete mixer as a whole. There is no need of assembly after receiving it. Moreover, we will provide you with professional technical and project solutions;

3.Your inquiry will be replied within 12 hours. Respond you quotation in 2 hours after confirmation of your actual requirements.

4.Well-trained and experienced staff to answer your questions;

5.Provide remote and considerate after-sales services;

6.Regular visiting customers and improve service and product quality according to comments and advice.

 After-sales Service
After-sales Service
Mixer After-sales Service
Mixer After-sales Service

Simple Comparison of Portable Concrete Mixer Price

1. The JZC series small portable cement mixer is the cheapest one, with tires, portable and easy to move, which is used for small projects and construction of family houses;

2. The JZM series portable electric concrete mixer has low noise and the price is in the moderate; the tires are selected by the customer and need to be charged;

3. JS (S) series of mixers are mostly combined with mixing stations, the price is high, but the efficiency is high. Mostly used in large projects, highways, railways, bridges and other construction projects.

Above comparison is just for reference. The price is influenced in different aspects, such as capacity, raw materials, components etc. Get the exact price, please contact us without hesitation:

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