Positive Feedback on AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer from Russian Client

Until May 2023, one of the Russian client has used the AS-4.0 self loading mixer for several months. It was applied for different kinds of construction projects, especially supplying fresh concrete mixture for building and house construction. The clients have sent us some videos of the self loading mixer on-site. Check them below.

Client Positive Feedback on Self Loader Mixer

As the video shows, the self loading mixer was working efficiently at the construction sites. The client thought highly of the equipment, especially for its convenience and multifunction. Let’s see what the clients said about the AIMIX self loading mixer.

1. “First of all, the efficient production function of the AS-4.0 self loading mixer has brought great convenience. It can quickly and accurately produce large volumes of good quality concrete, about 16 cubic meters per hour as the AIMIX sales said, providing a steady supply for my construction projects.”

2. “Secondly, the multi-functionality of the AS-4.0 self loader mixer truck makes concrete production a breeze. Through advanced technology, the operator only needs to press a few buttons, and it can be quickly loaded, weighed, stirred, transported, and unloaded to the designated place, saving tedious manual operations and time wastage. That greatly improves construction efficiency and allows me to complete projects faster.”

3. “In addition, I would like to emphasize the low failure rate of the AS-4.0 self loading mixer truck. In the few months I have been using the AS-4.0 self-loading truck, its failure frequency is very low, and it hardly affects my construction progress. It has saved repair costs and time, allowing me to focus on running the project smoothly.”

Apart from the feedback on the self loading mixer itself, the client also has highly praised AIMIX’s considerate after-sales service. During the whole installation, testing, and using process, AIMIX engineers have provided patient online guidance and help many times.

All in all, thanks for client’s positive feedback. AIMIX would try our best to manufacture high quality machine to provide best service for global clients. Any interested in the self loading mixer, welcome to contact us!

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