Small Concrete Pump

Small concrete pump is a kind of concrete pump with small size and small output. Usually its theoretical throughput output is under 40 m3/h. Although with small capacity, it is as efficient as other concrete pumps for sale. In Aimix Group, there are different kinds of small concrete pumps sale: such as small concrete mixer and pump, small trailer pump, cement mortar pump…… You can browse details of each one.

Special Types of Small Concrete Pumps for Sale

1. Small Concrete Mixer and Pump

Small concrete mixer and pump has unique design, which has functions of both mixing and transporting. Therefore, the equipment is widely used for tower building, highway construction, bridge construction and other projects. The pumps made in Aimix have the features of easy operation, stable performance and long working life.  Therefore, customers from all over the world are in favour it. While in Aimix Group, there are different models of concrete mixers with pumps for sale in Aimix as following: ABJZ30C, ABJZ30D, ABJZ40C and ABJZ40D.  If you need customize your equipment with higher-efficient JS series twin shaft concrete mixer, we can manufacture these models: ABJZ40D-JS500 and ABJZ40D-JS750.

JBS30-10-37 concrete mixing pump
ABJZ30D Electric Small Mixer Pump

ABJZ30C Diesel Small Mixer Pump
ABJZ30C Diesel Small Mixer Pump

ABJZ40D Electric Small Concrete Mixer and Pump
ABJZ40D Electric Small Concrete Mixer and Pump

ABJZ40C Diesel Small Concrete Mixer Pump
ABJZ40C Diesel Small Concrete Mixer Pump

Aimix Small Concrete Mixer Pumps Working

Up to now, we have exported a large mounts of concrete mixer pumps to more than 80 countries. Exporting to Philippines over 40 sets, delivering to Middle Asia more than 50 sets, transporting to Indonesia no less than 20 sets, spreading to Paksitan over 15 sets and to other countries more than 80sets. Most of them are still in good condition.

Advantages of Small Concrete Mixer and Pump

1. Labor Saving. Concrete was blended using manual labor or employing a single mini concrete mixer. This became not an issue for smaller construction projects in the past years. However, in modern construction sites, it may consume a lot of labours when mixing concrete mixture manually. It is necessary to using a concrete mixer to ensure concrete pumping continuously. While the best combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump can save labour greatly.

2.Quick Returns. Although it cost a lot than expacted when investing into one, it can get quick returns, With high productivity, it can pumping concrete effecitively on sites. Moreover, it can be made full use of. After using it, you can sold it as second equipment or renting it with profits.

2. Small Trailer Concrete Pump

This pump is also very popular among small pumps. It is designed and developed for radiant floor heating of high-rise residence. Moreover, price of concrete pump is not too high. So a lot of customers would like to choose it. We mainly supply 40 m3/h capacity: ABT40C diesel concrete pump and ABT40D electric concrete pump.

ABT40C Diesel Small Concrete Pump

ABT40C Diesel Small Concrete Pump

ABT40D Electric Small Concrete Pump

ABT40D Electric Small Concrete Pump

Items Units ABT40D ABT40C
Max. theo. concrete output(L./H) M3/h 40 40/26
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.) MPa 10 10/7.6
Distribution valve type S  Valve S  Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke mm Φ180×1200 Φ180×1300
Hopper capacity x feeding height L/mm 400/1100 400/1250
Outlet diameter mm Φ150 Φ150
Electrical engineering power KW 45 82
Rotate speed r/min 1480 2200
Circuit type
Pumping system pressure MPa 28 32
Mixing system pressure MPa 10 6-8
Capacity of oil tank L 370 370
Max. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distance m 120/500 120/500
Max. aggregate diameter mm Slick/scree:40/50 Slick/scree:40/50
Inside diameter of delivering pipe mm Φ125 Φ125
Dimensions:length×width×height mm 4500x1750x1600 4500x1850x1700
Total weight kg 3200 4500

Besides 40 m3/h small cement pump for sale, we also have some other models of concrete pumps for your reference, whose output ranges from 60 and 80 cubic meters per hour. They can be applied in different construction sites, such as buildings in the countryside and city, bridges and so on.

The features of trailer pump are as follows

A. With high pumping pressure, long conveying distance and smaller conveying pipes, it can reach the effect of indoor pavement of the concrete.

B. Thanks to its full mechanical construction, the maintenance and operation are very simple. The cost of maintenance is extremely low because the quality of different parts are very excellent.

C. Wiring is very convenient, so it can be wired in all floors. The conveying height can be adjusted. Workers can adjust it according to different requirements.

Small Trailer Concrete Pump Normally Work on Construction Sites All Over The World

Aimix has exported countless sets of trailer pumps in the world. It is not only for its high efficiency, but for its perfect performance. Most customers who purchases our machine spoke highly of our pump machine. Therefore, if you choose us, we will never let you down. Please check small concrete pump working pictures.

Small Trailer Concrete Pump Normally Work on Construction Sites

This kind of small pump is now widely used for spraying cement and mortar on wall construction, but also applied in slope protection project and tunnel supporting. Of course, cement mortar pump has a lot of advantages.

A. It is pumped by hydraulic pressure, thus its concrete pumping pressure is very high, which leads to an effective working process.

B. The distribution valve type is S valve. It is suitable for cement and mortar, which can avoid blocking.

C. The amount of spraying is adjustable. Therefore, it is easy to deal with different construction conditions.

D. It has a small size, thus it need less workers to move it, which saves the labor cost.


Items Unit HPS05 HPS10
Max. theo. concrete output m3/h 6 10
Max.concrete pumping pressure Mpa 10 10
Max. concrete pumping distance(vertical ) M 150 150
Max. concrete pumping distance(horizontal ) M 500 500
Power system / motor motor
Engineering power Kw 22 33
Capacity of oil tank L 150 300
Feeding height mm 1250 1250
Hopper capacity L 0.4 0.4
Max. aggregate diameter mm 6 10
Dimensions(length×width×height) mm 2900x1450x1600 3500x1450x1600
Total weight Kg 1000 1000

Small Concrete Pump Manufacturer

Having focused on concrete pump and cement mixer pump for several years, we have learned a lot from peers at home and abroad and produced a series of concrete pumps by absorbing international advanced technology.

As a professional machinery equipment manufacturer, small portable concrete pump is one of our featured products. They have been exported to USA, Russia, New Zealand, Philippines, Guinea, Romania, Pakistan, Ukraine, Boatswain, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Oman, Inner Mongolia, etc. Numerous successful cases prove that we are a partner deserving trust.

Different Countries are Using Small Concrete Pumps
Different Countries are Using Small Concrete Pumps

First of all, we can offer you the best small pumps by developing a complete quality control system and supervising the production line strictly.

Then we promise that your goods will be delivered on time or even in advance. It is impossible for us to delay it. Because we are looking forward to seeing more and more regular customer in the future.

What’s more, we are always here for you if you need further help on maintenance and other technical problems. There are experienced engineers in our after-sale service department, and they can solve your problem as quickly as they can.

Last but least, Aimix also produces small concrete mixer and pump, which combines the function of concrete mixing and pumping. If you want to save the cost on concrete mixer, it is a good idea to buy a small concrete mixer pump. Welcome to contact us for any concrete equipment.

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